Is a Sableye ban Still Probable?


After Sableye didn’t preform anywhere close to expectations in Florida and Oregon, is the probably planned ban still going to occur? I think not, since Yveltal decks roll Sableye.


Why do you care? It’s obviously not as good as everyone thought.


I think the fact that this first week of a new format allows so much creativity and the fact that everyone was expecting Sableye to show up in numbers and thus teched against it, caused a stint in play, which most likely won’t be around week 1of Spring regionals, so we’ll most likely see after that. Also loling @ the statement “Yveltal rolls Sableye.”


I would say no; it’s not worth banning. Some decks really only need two techs at most to beat it effectively. I forsee it as one of those decks that drops out of favor for a good bit, then resurges at one championship, and so on, and so on. Similar to decks like Fighting/Bats or just Garbodor decks in general. If the meta shifts, I don’t see why it can’t perform well.


The other 2 cards that have been banned generated situations that fundamentally changed the winning conditions of the game for a player. LTC eliminated the likely hood of a player decking out and Shiftry allowed for a condition where an opponent wouldn’t even get a turn before they lost. I don’t (and never did) see how the sableye / puzzle of time combination changes the winning conditions the way LTC and Shiftry did.

So that really only leaves a situation where the combination becomes so dominant that it can’t be effectively countered. With the results we saw this past weekend, that condition clearly doesn’t exist.

So in my opinion Sableye will live a long and fruitful life.


I agree with pretty much everything you guys have said. I just wanted to know if you guys thought it could happen, I think Sableye is healthy for the format personally.


Recently I have played at an LC, where there was 1 Sableye in the masters. It was 0-3 going into Round 4, at which point I left.


That’s not really foundational evidence for a ban. I’ve seen many terrible Sableye players. A bad player doesn’t make a deck bad.


Sort of reminds me of The Top Cuts coverage of Durant @ City Championships HS-NVI