iPad 2 orientation problem


I went to take a look at articles on an iPad 2 (iOS 7), and it came up like this:

The title of the tread is lower than it should be. I don’t have this problem on the computer (windows 7) or iPhone 4S (iOS 7). Also. I think the edges might be off too. Seems like it is cut off a bit.

I can still do everything I normally can. But the cropping or whatever is off.


EDIT: also, the green post counter thingy is lower than it usually is… I think…


I have the problem on my PC. Adam can’t do anything about it so just contact the devs.


Try to zoom out, that’s what it looks like is wrong, but it might just be me.


Which version of iOS?


iOS 7, it’s in the OP.


Yes, but 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, etc.?


Try now. I think I fixed it.