Integration Roadmap


I am working on getting the WordPress portion of 6P integrated with these new forums. Here is a list of tasks I need to get done. If you notice anything not working as expected or have any requests, please let me know.

###To Do

  1. Research and install new membership software
  2. Clean up WordPress database
  3. Display notifications on front page
  4. Logout synchronization (not available yet)


  • Login sync
  • Username sync
  • Group sync on first successful login (needed for Underground members)
  • Group sync for gain or loss of Underground membership
  • Email sync (almost, there is a software bug)
  • Name sync
  • Group sync for Underground writers (manually maintain for now)
  • Group sync for front page contributors
  • Group sync for editors
  • Support for friend Underground account
  • Group sync for friend Underground account (will need to make slight adjustments once membership software is installed)
  • Widget on home page with top forum discussion topics (display via AJAX request) (decided to go with latest topics instead)
  • Clean up WordPress edit profile page
  • Login on registration
  • Better login sync


Username sync: Completed. I had to go through usernames and change them so that they are the same as on the old forums (capitalization included). If you want to change your username, talk to me later after I get everything set up and I’ll be happy to accommodate you.


Underground group sync is mostly complete; I need to add support for the companion UG membership and it’ll be basically done.


I finished up support for a friend/piggyback Underground account just now. I was putting off doing this task since I thought it might be challenging to set up, and it indeed was (it took me most of the day), but I’ve got it integrated quite nicely. You will soon be able to give access to your friend yourself, rather than having to email me to configure this for you.


The home page widget is now live and WordPress edit profile page is cleaned up. At this point I think enough is in place that I’m going to replace the forums link in the navigation menu on the home page to lead here. The old forums are going to be phased out the next couple months; registration will be disabled soon and the old forums will no longer be publicized. Eventually they may become read-only.


I unexpectedly improved the login processes today!

  1. Upon new user registration, the user will automatically be logged in both to the front page and forums. (Updated new user registration form hasn’t been deployed yet though.)

  2. Upon logging in to the front page (WordPress), you’ll automatically be logged in to the forums too. No need to click “Sign In” on here afterward.

This is a pretty big development and helps tighten up the logins even further. Once I get more things in place, I will invalidate all login cookies to force everyone to login again, and at that point both the forums and front page will be in near-perfect sync.

The logout synchronization might be available this week. I’ll implement it as soon as it’s out.


Yesterday I got a little closer to having everything integrated with the new membership software. I had to rework some generic code I’d written, which was a bit tricky. There is supposed to be an update to the membership software coming out this week, so I held off on getting super specific with my code. It is functional as is; the only oversight is taking into account missed credit card payments.

I need to work in expirations for manually added memberships, add more membership info to the profile page, configure billing pages, and then I think I’ll be just about ready to deploy.


Billing pages are all pretty much finished. I need to create some sort of bonus for current Underground members that migrate over, but I’m not quite sure what kind of discount would be fair. Users now gain Underground access immediately without even leaving the site, which is awesome. I added a few different payment plans too.

I still need to configure behavior for what happens when a credit card payment is missed or if I have to cancel a user’s subscription from the Stripe interface. I’m waiting on a plugin update before working on this though.

A profile/account page is the last big thing I need to work on. Might be able to get a lot of that done on Monday.

I also need to decide whether to keep track of payment history here on the site, or simply send out email receipts. (Sending out emails is probably more efficient and I can look up payment history in Stripe if need be.)


Profile and billing pages are done. I’m still waiting on an update to the membership software (that was supposed to happen last week), which will allow me to display a little extra pertinent info on those pages. It’s not crucial short term, but long term that functionality is needed.

Until the software is updated, I need to type up a blog post explaining the changes, send an email out, and update all the login and account links all over the site. I’ll also need to put everything through the ringer one more time once I get my hands on the software upgrade, to make sure everything still works.

Nearly done!


Welp, there’s going to be a delay in the membership software being ready. I’ve coded as much as I can, but there are a few bugs out of my control and I have to wait for the developer to patch them. There is an older version that does work pretty well, but I think the right move is to wait for the new version to be released so that I can make sure everything will be kosher moving forward.

I guess that means it’s time to start working on the site redesign, and maybe just launch both upgrades at once.


I spent the past few days combing through the code of the old 6P design. Little of what I worked on will be visible on the front-end, but the site should load faster and the back-end will have less distractions for contributors and editors. I also really needed to organize the code better so I can wrap my mind around all the necessary functions that are in place and be confident everything is in working order.

The image zoom will be disabled for a short time since that will end up being part of another project I’ve got to work on. I want to pull images from PkmnCards for the card links for Underground members, and the script I will be using can double up for image zoom. I need to set up some kind of simple API to search and return an image URL.

Since most of the structure is in place, the big task left is to style everything. Styling usually takes me a while (CSS isn’t my favorite language) and I will probably spend most of tomorrow editing an article, but I’d say by the middle of next week “SixPrizes 2014” should be launched.


Styling looks good enough at this point. I even was able to get a nifty little alerts feature coded in too.

An update to the membership software I purchased is supposed to be released tomorrow (fingers crossed). Once I get my hands on it I’ll bugtest everything one last time, and as long as everything works…