"Inside the Box" – A Guide to Cube Drafting in the Pokémon TCG

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Wow! Cubing seems really fun! I might try it!

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Very cool article! I would love to get this kind of event set up at my Library, since we already have Pokemon nights going on there!

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It looks highly interesting and it gives me something to do with all my cards that have been cycled out. Specially all the BW stuff I have laying around. This format look like a lot of fun because a single person with a couple of friend would be able to have fun with the stuff otherwise cards they might not use anyways. I will be working on making my own cube with primarily DP to today (I started playing the game around the GG era). I don;'t have such a large collection, but with the help of a few of my friends it should work. I am thinking of making the EXs from BW-on similar to our pre-release promos, in that everyone gets one, but just one, that way I can control the amount of EXs per deck (one) and the quality (probably someone like keldeo and registeel would be fine, but Yveltal,and Mewtwo hit a little too strong).I would tell you guys how it went

I’ve nearly completed my own version of a nostalgia cube. I have a couple of basic questions though. When you draft a cube you construct the packs yourself, right? How do I do that? Should i do standard 10 card packs? In the article you mention 15 card packs, but what’s the break down? two stage2, four stage1, six basic, and 3 trainers? Then, if I understand correctly, when you’re done playing you have to sort all the cards back out and remake the packs, right?
Also, I’m not quite through getting the trainer cards I need. What’s a good ratio? 1:5? 60 trainer cards in a 360 card cube? How many energy do you have sleeved and ready to go?
Sorry for all the questions! I’m just eager to get this finished and start playing! Any help or advice is welcome!