Infernape PLS // NXD-on


-4 Tepig
-3 Emboar
-1 Mewtwo EX
-3 Chimchar
-3 Infernape (Plasma Storm)
-2 Reshiram (outrage/blueflare)
-2 Pikachu
-2 Raichu (xy)
-1 Execute (propagation)

-4 Rare Candy
-4 Superior Energy Retrieval
-3 Ultra Ball
-3 Skyla
-4 Juniper
-2 Professors Letter
-2 Colress
-1 Computer Search (Ace Spec)
-1 Float Stone
-1 Tool scrapper
-1 Escape Rope

-9 Fire
-4 DCE

The strategy is to use emboar to power up infernape, your main attacker, and superior energy retrieval gets back energies from the discard. Infernape does 120 damage for only 2 energy! and has no retreat cost and it is stage 2 so you don’t have to worry about pyroar or kling klang. As a backup you have reshiram who also has a very good attack which discards energy and if all else fails power up mewtwo and knock out just about anything. Raichu is in there to knock out things like yveltal for just 1 dce and to help in water matchups. Any ideas for how to get around Keldeo EX???
Anyways, I tried to have an answer for everything with this deck so please offer any suggestions and point out any major flaws in this deck or tough match ups for it.

EDIT: I think i will add a druddigon because I’m already running the DCE and it can knock out Rayquaza ex, white/black kyurem ex in one hit

EDIT: I am also thinking about teching in a scyther (Dark Explorers) It can do 60 damage for 3 colorless. So with a silver bangle it could knock out keldeo EX in one hit!


Setting up an Emboar for a two Energy attack always seemed like a massive waste, and now we have Fiery Torch and Blacksmith, you don’t have to. Plasma/Colress is also a thing.

Even so, 120 won’t OHKO EXs, which is what you need, so Muscle Band and Laser/Virbank are your friends. So is Deoxys, seeing as Infernape is Plasma.

Definitely use Druddigon.

Don’t worry so much about Keldeo. You are trading 2 Prizes for 1, and I expect Blastoise play to drop now Druddigon is around


Thanks for the suggestions!
I’ll definitely consider Deoxys.
As for emboar, I think he’s still necessary just because infernape discards energy to attack. However, maybe I should add another mewtwo to justify using emboar more? I am also considering just scrapping the whole infernape line and just using delphox instead.


Pokemon - 16
4 Chimchar
1 Monferno
4 Infernape
2 Magnemite
2 Magnezone
3 Deoxys EX

Trainers - 37
4 Blacksmith
1 Fiery Torch
2 Pal Pad
2 Ultra Ball
3 Skyla
2 Team Plasma Ball
1 Pokemon Fan Club
1 Startling Megaphone
2 Frozen City
2 Silver Bangle
1 Professor’s Letter
4 Rare Candy
3 Professor Juniper
2 N
1 Dowsing Machine
3 Lysandre
2 Switch
1 Escape rope

Energy - 7
7 Fire Energy

The strategy is to power up infernape’s malevolent fire attack which does 120 for 2 energy and then discards 2. This combos perfectly with Blacksmith. Bench as many Deoxy’s EX as you can to increase the damage. For example, 2 doexys and a silver bangle knocks out most EX’s.

Then there’s magnezone who’s only purpose is for his “dual brains” ability. This let’s you play 2 supporters per turn. This is very helpful because blacksmith is a supporter and I play lysandre to catcher out ideal prize trades for infernape. Frozen city softens up opponent for easier knockouts for infernape.
The energy is a little low but keep in mind that you just keep reusing the same couple energies so you shouldn’t need much.
I just realised if magnezone get’s catchered out or something it can slow everything down so I bumped up to 2 switches and an escape rope. Any other ideas?

Please give any suggestions are criticism you have!


Here is a list I threw together the other day.

Pokemon 14
4-1-4 Infernape
4 Deoyxes ex
1 Hetran Ex

Supporters 14
4 Juniper
4 N
2 Lysandre
1 Xerosic
3 blacksmith

Items 19
2 Vs seeker
4 Team plasma Ball
2 Repeat ball
2 Muscle band
2 Silver bangle
2 switch
2 Colress machine
3 Rare candy

Stadium 2
2 Frozen city (because its funny)

Energy 11
2 Plasma Energy
9 Fire energy

Ran pretty quick and had a bit of power behind it. I originally had virbank lasers in it but I decided to cut them to make more room. 4-4 line if infernape seemed to be all I needed and with muscle band or bangle and some deoxyes support he seemed to hit for enough.

Hetran was used almost exclusively for his first attack.