Indiana Regionals October 17-18

Just wandering whose all going. Make sure you register online and hope to see you there.

(Also Fort Wayne is being streamed right?)

I’ll be there.

I don’t expect a stream. Venue internet is likely too subpar. Also space constraints.


I’ll be there I suppose.

Oh, OK. Do you know which Regional is going to be streamed?

Arizona was/is being streamed by some other group

I know, but I meant streamed by TPCi. (sorry I should have been more specific)

I’ll be there! ////

I was planning to be there, but I’m probably not going to be able to go because my roommate kicked me out of the room :frowning:
You guys have fun though. I’ll gettem next time :wink:

Thanks for the registration link. I’ll be playing and so will my daughter, both in our first regional.

Well good luck to you two!

I am a senior, and this will be my first tournament after an AOR prerelease.

The PTO let it out of the bag today, whether intentional or not: TPCi is streaming Fort Wayne’s Regional.

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Well, tomorrow is the day (sort of). I won’t be there until Saturday though. I’ll be wearing a Garchomp Plush Hat and a Garchomp Jacket. If you see me, say hi, I would really like to meet as many of you guys as I can.

Good luck to everyone going!

Actually change of plans I’m wearing a Treecko hat instead of a Garchomp Plush hat.

Doing poorly. Woo. Misplays and game losses for days.

Jimmy O’Brien is currently undefeated as of Round 7 w/ Vespiquen/Flareon again.

My junior got 9th place with Vespi/Flareon. Not too bad for only playing since March :smile: Thanks to Team Poliswag for helping us prepare.


@DylanBryan is on stream right now with his vespiquen/flareon deck. Get hype!

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I just bubbled in 10th, oh well.