iMtG app adds Pokemon TCG support

Before I go any further I must disclose that I am the maker of iMtG iOS app which since 2011 used to be a reference toolbox, card database, pricelist, try play tool, scanner and many more for Magic The Gathering TCG as this was the card game I played personally since 1995.

Some time ago my oldest daughter got interested in Pokemons so I started preparing iMtG app to also provide Pokemon TCG data and the update was just recently approved by the Apple App Store.

If you want to give it a try iMtG has three flavours depending on you. I will post the links to the app in the App Store for your convenience if you do not mind?

iMtG is free for everybody and ships with MTG data, to get Pokemons you can go to Settings -> Game and set it to Any or Pokemon. Updated database should download as you switch from MTG only, free of charge.

iMtG Plus is for shop owners and other adults. You have to be over 17 years old to download it. It shows Pokemons by default and as iMtG is also free with optional in app purchases.

iMtG U is for schools who can get 50% discounts and people who want to buy the app rather than unlock optional in app purchases.

I hope some of you will find this information valuable.

Hate to be that guy, but, no Android version?

I’d love to download, but I’m stuck w/ iOS 7.X (I think? Maybe 6.X?), so it’s a no go. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for if I do upgrade.

So all of the Pokemon functionality is the same as the Magic ones?

Are there sample games that you can play?

I was considering Android version for a while but there is no incentive for me to do it, sorry.

iMtG functionality is applied to both Magic and Pokemon, so yes (unless you find a bug :wink: Having said this, certain aspects of Magic do not exists in Pokemon world, for example meld or double sided cards, correct me if I’m wrong?

Sample game is called Try Play and is accessible directly from Main Menu or through Deck Builder tools in detailed Deck view.

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