Improving My Game as an Intermediate Player and Meeting High Caliber Players


Hello, people of Sixprizes, I had a few questions if you guys wouldn’t mind contributing. So first off, I consider myself at minium and intermediate level player. But recently my play has seems to have faltered. I’ve read over a lot of articles on becoming a better player, but most of the stuff I already know. Is it just a matter of playing more and more games or is there some sort of concepts that I should be learning that I cant find and seperate the top level players. Would coaching be a path to go down? Or is it not useful when you hit a certain level of play and understand most of the theory to playing a high level game. I got coaching from Phinnigan Lynch as a new player and it really helped me then, but I dont have much money to spare either, and I dont know if its worth it.

My other question is how best to meet high level players. I have a few friends who are well known players, but I dont really get much of a chance to practice with them. Personally I’m not very well known, I’ve only really gone to 2 regionals, though I placed in top 32 at one, so I don’t feel I have much to bring to the table as a testing partner. I feel I get a lot out of playing them though, it really helps me think about my game on another level. Is there some way I can make myself valuable enough to be worth thier time testing with?


Take a little time to learn basic probability, nothing too confusing. Make sure you know your deck. Use social media and others in your region. If you constantly play a person at tournaments, get to know them better!


that is very good advice. Also find who is good in your area and just have fun in general.