Imakuni? theme deck


So my daughter and I started playing this January. This would be the first time I look at a Pokémon card in 14 years. While we aren’t ready (or have the appropriate cards) for tournaments as of yet, shes getting there with a Circle Circuit deck. I, on the other hand, don’t give a rats about rankings or tournament play. I’ve been doing competitive gaming for the last 20 years. I’m out to make the most fun Pokemon deck conceivable:


  • 4 - Imakuni?'s Doduo
  • 4 - Celebi (XY Promo 93)
  • 4 - Hoppip (ex Team Rocket Returns)
  • 3 - Unown F (Great Expectations)
  • 1 - Gold Star Celebi


  • 4 - Imakuni?

  • 4 - Team Galactic’s Wager

  • 4 - Lucky Stadium

  • 4 - Blaine’s Quiz #2

  • 4 - Misty’s Duel

  • 3 - Random Receiver

  • 3 - Quick Ball

  • 2 - Time Space Distortion

  • 1 - Scramble Switch

  • 1 - Imposter Professor Oak

  • 1 - Alph Lithograph

  • 1 - Trash Exchange


  • 10- Grass Energy
  • 2 - Cyclone Energy

I’ve always been a fan of the Imakuni? cards. Now that we have 2 of the oldest ones in English, I get it would be a good starting point.

If you’ve ever played the Pokémon TCG for GameBoy (1 or 2), the Imakuni? decks are…hilariously bad. And that’s what we are shooting for: a knowingly bad deck that’s super weird.

I’ve noticed in all my gaming that Pokémon isn’t very interactive. I don’t do anything on your turn, you don’t do anything on my turn.

So I found a bunch of cards that make them interact with you during your turn (Team Galactic’s Wager, Misty’s Duel, Blaine’s Quiz #2, Chaos Gym, Unown F).

I COULD go with more ‘surefire’ area like Bill, Professor Oak, and such. But that sounds pretty b-o-r-i-n-g. Between the Quiz and Chaos Gym, there’s a degree of ‘backfire’ that will keep opponents invested and entertained.

Random Receiver and Quick Ball are also random to an extent. I do want a supporter/Pokémon…it’s more fun when you’re not overwhelmed with options and the deck just vomits one up for you.

The Promo Celebis, ‘Dabbing’ Gold Star Celebi, and the Hoppips are able to ‘deny prizes’ and provide a bit of…I guess ‘defensive control’. At the very best, none of my Pokémon will ever get KO’ed. Not likely, but there’s a degree of buffoonery that your tier-1 Gyarados deck is completely incapable of taking out a wee Hoppip.

The way I’m building it, it’s sort of a mini display of the weird stuff printed over the years (max rarity to boot). So all the energies are all holo, but each one from different blocks or different promo years. Subtle, but screwy if you’re paying attention.

This also explains the Alph Lithograph, Gold Star Celebi, and Time-Space Distortion.

Most importantly, I attend a league of mostly children. This deck WILL lose to virtually everything, but will also have the tendency to stay alive longer than it should against tier-1 decks.

That just sounds weird, right?

Young kids and new players at our league will always have an opponent that’s a guaranteed win. This deck is all about the experience.

Question is: is there anything I can possibly add that can make the ‘experience’ better?


You might not get too many responses with older cards, but I know of a card from Diamond and pearl era, called powerspray (might have that wrong). It is a team galatic Invention that you could play during your opponent’s turn to shut off a pokebody.

EDIT: Never mind, requires Pokémon SP in play



Idk if you’ve ever seen/heard of these pikachu cards before

These were part of a collection a while back that also came with a 2010 worlds deck. I still have the pikachus but I’m not near them right now. Basically, each pikachu comes in a different language and there is an english card as part of this. The first attack for [C] is called Hello!, and it’s text reads: “Greet your opponent. Then each player draws a card.”
I used to play it when I was casual at league just to get a laugh out of opponents. It’s a hilarious card that should help what you are trying to accomplish. Have fun!


That’s fantastic! I’ll have to see if I can track down an English one! Thank you!


I’m a sucker for decks like these so I made an account for this thread.
The effect where you flip a coin to see if its knocked out or not exists on a lot of cards not even counting the ones you put up there. The baby pokemon from Neo Genesis to Skyridge can achieve this affect with varying degrees of success. keep in mind that Magby ( ) Does not shut off Ablilitys, only pokemon powers, poke-bodys and poke-powers. Focus Band from Neo Genesis can double up this effect for maximum coin flips, there is also Life Dew from Plasma Freeze which can help you stall to keep the game going longer, you could also combo these effects with Eco Arm From Ancient Origins to put any used Focus Bands and your one Life Dew back into the deck for more shenanigans. Elesa Legendary Treasures or Castaway from EX Crystal Guardians could be used as a tech to search out your tools but there are better options in unlimited like Twins from Triumphant (This card is also good for searching anything because you are going to be behind in prizes the whole game) as well as Pokémon Contest Hall from Rising Rivals but the formers options can be more useful if you just need multiple tools at once. Also I’m just going to throw a few cards that force your opponent to make a choice or play RPS, have fun!
Marley’s Request (Stormfront 87)
Xatu (Legendary Treasures 56)
Challenge! (Team Rocket 74)
Lt. Surge’s Treaty (Gym Heroes 112)
Tbh you could build a fun mill deck with Xatu with the right cards and the right RPS skillz.
this deck could also enjoy cards like item finder and luxury ball but that’s not so fun now is it?


Sorry about the late response. I’ve been mulling this over all week. I thought about the Baby Pokemon quite a bit. I just haven’t really put in a lot of time seeing where they could fit in the past. I think switching out the Celebis would make room for the Babys. XY93 Promo Celebi is super punishing to new players and people who get a crappy start. I’ve been looking at Tyrogue and Elekid and the WOTC Promo Igglybuff.

  • All 5 Celebis…even Gold Star Dabbing Celebi Doodle-doo

+4 Neo Discovery Tyrogue
+1 Elekid/1 Promo Igglybuff

  • 1 Scramble Switch
    +1 Life Dew

I haven’t figured out where to make room for the Focus Bands…unless I take out all the goofy stuff, which I would define as:

2 - Time Space Distortion
1 - Imposter Professor Oak
1 - Alph Lithograph
1 - Trash Exchange

5 cards, 4 slots. I’ll mull it over tonight. But I’m loving the Baby Pokemon idea, especially since I’ve been on a roll lately with T1 Hoppip+Energy+Imakuni+Failed confusion check = FTKO LOL

As for the other cards you mentioned:

Marley’s Request (Stormfront 87) - This and Rival. Weird, weird, weird. I’m more on board with Rival, to be honest. The reason for it…a bit weird: So I’ve managed to figure out the decklist for both Imakuni? decks in Pokemon TCG GB 2. Part of that was to see if he ran any discard pile recursion stuff (I thought he played Recycle) just to see what he would get from there. Would the Imakuni? AI pick sensible cards from the discard pile? Or would it do things like get an Imakuni? Trainer? Or get a Psychic Energy from the discard pile…despite running a whopping 25 of them.
I don’t know, that AI does weird stuff. I ran a stall deck against him and, despite having the resources to attack, he stopped attaching energy to his active (becaus eI kepr ER/SERing them off), he then started to pile 14 Psychic Energy on a Dark Slowbro. WHY?! I don’t know.

But anyway, Imakuni? DOESN’T run ANY discard pile recursion cards in any of his 3 ‘known’ decks. So it’s a bit tough for me to figure out what the ‘play’ should be. Do I go with the best possible play? Or do I do the best ‘Imakuni?’ play.
I say this despite running 2 Time-Space Distortion (which I am considering taking out, partially due to this conundrum).
Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing of how ‘Imakuni?’ would actually utilize discard pile recursion cards, so I’ve been avoiding the issue by running almost all draw cards and saying ‘to hell with’ the discard pile.

Xatu (Legendary Treasures 56) - When I first started building the deck, it was a Psychic build using Fossil Slowbro (as a nod to Imakuni?'s deck in Pokemon TCG GB 1 and 2), Neo Revelations Celebi, and Mysterious Treasures Mr. Mime. When I got back in the game, I was scouring every database I could find to catch up on the 14 years I was out. Not sure how, but I stumbled upon this Xatu. I want to fit it in for the attack alone, but it doesn’t bring much else to the table. I figured I’d need bench support like Team Rocket Drowsee or Dark Gloom to get the most out of it. And I’ve used Dark Gloom, and opponents do not find it fun having to fight their way through confusion an entire match. And I don’t blame them. Can’t imagine a game full of sleep checks will go any different. I’m always trying to see if I can remake a Psychic version again and this card is always in the background going, ‘Hey! remember me!’

Challenge! (Team Rocket 74) - I have thought about this one. I remember using it when it was released as well in the Pokemon TCG GB 2. NO ONE has ever accepted the challenge. Not even if the stupid AI in the GB Game will do it if they are at a clear disadvantage and could REALLY USE IT. But people all do the same thing, ‘I REALLY could use a few free Pokemon…oh god! they’re up to something!’

Lt. Surge’s Treaty (Gym Heroes 112) - This one is goofy, it’s right up there with Misty’s Wish. Now that I’ve taken Chaos Gym out of the deck, I feel a lot of the decks dynamic and how it plays now is drastically different, I’m willing to give this another shot.

What are your thoughts?


Well it really depends on how you want to build the deck honestly. Do you want a slightly competitive mill/stall deck with Xatu plus silly back up pokemon and effects or a fun deck using Xatu as silly Draw support on the side lines? Do you want silly effects or having your opponent having choice or both for your trainers. Are you willing to play Japanese cards so you can use pokemon(?) like Shining Imakuni? and Imakuni?'s Exploud ex or do you only want to focus on english cards so you have official rulings (yes Imakuni?'s Doduo has offical rulings and they are really funny) like Its really up too you. Personally if I were to do something like this I would go the route of Xatu with silly mill cards and stally items like focus bands max potions and life dews and maybe throw in cards like Shining Imakuni? (Which reading it now is a surprisingly busted card) and Hugh + something that forces your opponent to draw cards besides Xatu (too lazy to find things besides Erika). But thats because I’m a try hard.
Also I don’t know if you know this but Imakuni? has a twitter
Good luck and tell us updates!


Imakuni isn’t just a bad card, but an actual play person in a costume who promotes pokemon. Personally, I’m not surprised he has a Twitter account.


Part of me would be very excited and a bit frightened if the Imakuni’s Exploud ex wild get an English print.

Yay! We get 3 Imakuni? cards. But a good chunk of the deck dynamic would change. Namely the Pokémon and energy.

As far as the deck goes. I’d like to keep it English. I am consideringbif making a completely separate Japanese deck where I would be able to run more of the Imakuni? cards and such. I just need to start locating Japanese singles vendors online. Some of the EBay prices for commons are nuts!

With all these suggestions, I’m thinking of having to get a bunch of cards and just give them all a go.

The main core of trainers doesn’t seem like it’s going to change much, but the Pokémon will. Would I just do a 3-2 Xatu line? Or should I cut some of the Hoppips and maybe Unowns to boost their numbers?

As for the direction I want to go with it. I originally built it so that it forced the opponent to do all sorts of goofy stuff on your turn and forcing them to interact (since Pokemon lacks ‘Instants/Traps’, etc like M:TG and Yugioh do). When I started going to Pokémon Leagues, I slowly shifted the deck to where anynopponent of any skill level could beat it. I know that sounds weird; to have a deck that doesn’t stand a chance winning. Its more about an entertaining experience.

That said, I wouldn’t mind making it to where it could actually win…probably I’ll, like you said.

I’d be like sort of a ‘sidedeck’ and I add in before a match with someone who wants more of a challenge (in which case, I’m all for adding Chaos Gym again). But the would still have to be entertaining. You know?

I won’t be able to get some of the cards for a bit (bills and stuff. I’m doing this on a low budget). But I’m price shopping around to see what’s good.

And thanks for the link to Imakuni’s Twitter! I knew he had a website. I tried sending him an email, but I never got a response.

But I had this happen at a League recently.

I tweeted(?) (I’m not privy to Twitter, managed to avoid it this long) the picture to Imakuni? And got this rather quickly!:

EDIT: the Imakuni?'s Doduo rulings are hilarious. Especially that you have to sing a song, not hum it for it to count. After rereading all of it, I’ve been doing ‘Frenzied Escape’ wrong. It’s supposed to get thrown and stay out of the game. I thought it was just a really awkward retreat. Well. Looks like I have a new tool at my disposal!


Have you considered Challenge?


That imgur link doesn’t work can you try reuploading it?
I personally would cut the Celebis and the Hoppips for babys, xatus and trainers tbh but thats me
Another fun fact about the Doduo, Frenzied Escape is the only way to get a card permanently out of play from the game as in not in any zone like the lost zone.


All right! Fixed the links!

As for the Xatu and babies. With the Hoppips and Celebis cut, that’s 9 slots.

Im thinking of a 3-3 Xatu line (using either Delta Species Natu for the lulz or the 30 HP from Neo Genesis for quick Imakuni? KOs…maybe?). Not sure what to do with the babies. 3 Tyrogue?


I would probably pick Cleffa (neo gen) just because if you play it as a mill deck it can put all the cards you are drawing from Xatu back into the deck.
What is the list looking like now? Also sorry for the wait, I don’t use this site that much so I kinda forgot about this thread lol :slight_smile:.


I haven’t made any recent updates to the deck.

Part of it was lack of a budget as well as waiting for the rotation announcement and exploring ideas and seeing if I need to invest in Leles (I do. I’ll need 4).

Unfortunately, I won’t have much of an update until the beginning of August. I’m intending to hock nearly everything I get at the prerelease to fund as many Leles as I can muster (I’m thinking probably 2, if I’m super lucky).

At the very latest, I’ll get the Xatus and Focus Bands at the beginning of August, as I need to purchase a good chunk of the Gardevoir GX skeleton as well