"I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay" – On Trevenant's Torontonian Reign, the Future for Trees, the Case for Counterbox, and My Play (ZoroGarb) for Greensboro

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Hey Xander, great article! I really like the adaptations you made to the finalist zoro garb list, however I have a couple of questions. Firstly, do you think oricorio, is a better tech than karen? I also want to know the reasoning behind 2 garbotoxin 1 trashalanche, instead of vice versa like noah played.

Thanks! I think Oricorio is better than Karen because it’s fairly easy for Night March to refuel their discard pile without Seismitoad-EX or something else. Oricorio also has niche uses in other situations. It’s a one prize attacker that’s strong under Garbotoxin.

Also, I think Garbotoxin is more important in this deck than Trashalanche. Prizing Garbotoxin can immediately lose the game, while if you prize Trashalanche, there are still options for attacking.