"If You Can't Beat Em..." - Discussing Zoroark/Seismitoad and Trevenant BREAK for Dallas Expanded


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In your opinion how much trevenant, giratina promo, gardevoir will show up at Dallas?


I would expect to play against 1-2 Trevenants day one. 0-1 Gardevoir because of it’s horrible nightmarch matchup. Giratina promo is a bit trickier of a call, but I would expect to play against 1 at a minimum.


Versus Zoroark/Muk with Seismitoad/Zoroark what are the key plays to make (e.g. should I Ghetsis or N constantly) to make sure they do not have a large hand size in case they play Pokemon Ranger? Also should you break the Quaking Punch lock if they start Shaymin Sky Return looping you? Or should you pray for a Hypnotoxic Laser heads/tails on sleep?