"If I'm Dreaming, Don't Pinch Me" – smashandslash's 1st Place Utah Regionals Report


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Congratulations! :slight_smile: Good stuff


Congrats again on the win. Very proud of you. Also very happy you stuck with that deck instead of switching at the last minute.


Congrats. By the way, I was the one on the top 8 who you put their name as question marks.


Yay another utahn thought I was one of few. St. George is not that big of a pokemon community. We do have quite a few good players


Alex is from Oregon.


Meh still cool he participated in my state. I also recently checked and found that out


Congratulations for figuring that out. And I didn’t play against anyone from your area. And news flash; people win tournaments from other states loads of times. It’s not like this instance is any different.


Just saying and I was just describing the people in my area


It’s okay to be salty, just please don’t express it too much.


Got it sorry if that sounded salty


It was not meant to ok


The only salt I saw was from you lol


Sorry Mr. Jiarchi123 or miss.