I would like to create a Team

I want to have a TCG team and test with you guys who join! :slight_smile: I hope you might want to join. Team name (If there is going to be a team of course): Still undecided!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want you could throw some suggestions for the team name!

I would like to join unfortunately I’m not good with names so I have no suggestions also were would play? I personally prefer TCGone.

So am I!!! :wink: But thanks for joining!!! :slight_smile: (Thanks heavens you use tcgone.)

I’d join, but I’m awful with names, and TCGONE hasn’t updated with. PHF.

should the team name be something along the lines of:

“The Undefined Team”

EDIT: Should I start a PM @theniceracoon and @thegrovylekid? And I can use Playtcg too.

I’m interested in joining. I don’t currently have a computer which runs TCGOne well. I am able to Skype, however, and I’m able to use cards for testing.

Oh yeah just one more note:the team can chat via team PM also.

I would be somewhat interested in joining.

Hey @Pokemanic45 lets just wait a couple days until we make a PM so we know who all is going to join.

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I could join. Ive got TCGone and PlayTCG so i am able to test on those two,

I’ll try to get you into the Pm ASAP.

I guess I’ll join. I’m hoping joining a team will possibly help me not do horribly at tournaments. Also, I’m not very familiar with sky ping and pming so if I need to do that I would need help. On the rare occasion that I do test online, I use PlayTCG.

I’ll be in your team! I think we should have a team name with alliteration. How about The Poke’ Powers? Pokemon TCG Online doesn’'t work. I have TCGOne or Play TCG if you really want to. But I’m Pika Power on TCGOne, not Rising Raichu.

NOTE: I am going to make a NEW PM since 2 others are joining!!! Sorry @theniceracoon, @PokemonGeek, @thegrovylekid, and @GhostRegion for the new PM!! :frowning: (I don’t want to bug adam TOO m uch)

If it’s not too late, I’d like to join.

I would like to possibly join too, but I’m just starting out so please have some patience.