I need help with CP issues

So, I recently got top 16 in seniors at Oregon regionals, and we had enough players for us to get cp. 45 to be exact. However, my points haven’t been updated yet everyone else’s has. I’m really frustrated because tho situation happened to me last year and I sent a support ticket in but I got a response 2 months later saying they couldn’t do anything because it was 2 months ago. I don’t want to go through that again. But it may be the only thing I can do to get my points. Does anyone know what to do? I need help…

I just had this same exact issue at a cities where I got top 4, but didn’t get points. Your player id was probably entered wrong. Contact the organizer first, and if he or she can’t do anything send in a support ticket.

Contact the PTO and Support.

How many Seniors were there?

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77 seniors, but some dropped. It hasn’t updated my points either and if I don’t get these I would have to get top 2 at Seattle to get my invite.

Drops don’t matter.

Are you guys actually sure that the tournament is uploaded?

I just checked and it updated my cp but not the number of matches played and the play points.


Please, please just worry about the things that actually matter. You’ll save yourself so much stress with TPCi that way.


Thanks you.

Does anyone remember/know the TO for Oregon regionals? I’ll try to find him, but does anyone know already?

His name is Richard Walinski if I’m remembering correctly. Try “Play Pokemon with Mr. Raichu” on Facebook.


Does anyone know the link for filing a support ticket at pokemon.com or can direct me to it?
EDIT: never mind, found it

It updated my points.

My issue is fixed! Thanks to anyone who helped by posting!