I need help finishing my fire/electric deck


Where do I go from here not trying to spend too much trying to surround it around houndoom and electivire

2 houndoom ex (breakthrough)
1 entei (ancient origins)
2 electivire (trainers kit )
3 electabuzz (evolutions)
2 manectric (trainers kit)
2 electrike (trainers kit)
2 pikachu libre (trainers kit)
1 pikachu (evolutions)
1 voltorb (evolutions)
1 electrode (evolutions)
2 vulpix (evolutions)
1 growlithe (evolutions)
1 charmander (evolutions)
1 charmeleon (evolutions)
1 charzard (evolutions)


1 tierno
3 potion
1 switch
1 energy retrieval
1 full heal
1 pokedex


2 dble colorless
5 electric
5 fire


You’ve got plenty of energy. You might want to cut 3 or so.


Yes why would this post make you laugh I am a new player trying to get into the game


Wayyyy too many pokemon. N and Sycamore are a must along with Vs. Seeker, Trainers Mail and Lysander. But yeah, just too many pokemon.


Ok I will add those in and take out my normals


I too enjoy a good laugh at stuff like people putting puzzle of time in mega ray, but I tend not to be openly offensive to people about it…


Yea I don’t understand this at all because puzzle of Time is a very decent card to have in mega Ray.


You need to cut out about 25 Pokemon, and replace them with consistency trainers, such as n, sycamore, vs seeker, ultra ball, colress if in expanded, trainers’ mail, or acro bike. There are plenty more items or supporters that let you draw more cards to replace them with them.


That would leave with no pokemon though


There’s always Super Rod. Plus, having lots of pokemon isn’t always what it’s about. Looking at your list I see a ton of useless stuff. Charmander? Skitty? You don’t even run their evolutions. I would say just pick one line of evolutions (in your case, Electevire, and Houndoom EX) and just thicken their lines. Focus on overall consistency.


Ok yea I will drop those


8 trainers won’t cut it in my deck I run 4 sycamore, professor letter, and trainers mail and many more such as skyla, bystander, and vs seeker