"Hype and Counter-Hype" – A More Focused Look at Top Contenders Post-Team Up (Electric.dec, Psychic/“GasKan” Malamar, and Decidueye-GX)

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Why you are not using jirachi ?

I don’t think Jirachi is a strong card in the decks that I posted, more specifically with their lists. Starting with the easy answer in Decidueye/Ninetales/Zoroark, there simply isn’t enough Bench space for it to work there. The Bench is already too preciously used by our Basic Pokemon, so even one Jirachi would greatly hurt us (even if we start it). It would get its uses, but I would rather thicken up the Zoroark-GX line instead to boost our consistency even while on the Bench.

As for Malamar, I would run 1 copy of Jirachi if I played Escape Board. I like Escape Board as a card, but I’m unsure of its presence in the list while we have heavy-Retreat Pokemon like Giratina and Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX. The Switch is amazing for increasing our T1 Chimecho percentage, which is really why we play the Switch in the first place. If the list was playing Escape Board, I would consider Jirachi. However, Bench Space still remains an issue.