"How to Train Your Dragons and Squids" – Matchup Guides for Malamar & Friends and Ability ReshiZard for Origins + NAIC, and Some Words on the Final Stretch of the Season

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Hi Jon. Nice article. Several places I’ve seen variants on “weezing won’t beat good players”, but what about the rest of us? What exactly do good players do that beats weezing? Thanks.

Hey, hope all is going well. The “won’t beat good players” was more of a shot against Weezing as a deck than to say that Weezing cannot beat good players because it definitely can. Things you can do to be better versed in the matchup is the obvious managing of your bench, playing around counter energy, and using your healing cards (if you play them) at the correct time. It’s hard to give specifics as to how this should go in certain matchups, it’s just a matter of playing the matchup multiple times and recognizing situations.

Hey Jon, great article! I love the mew addition to Reshizard, but I remember running into someone in Madison that added a Tapu Koko Promo for a similar reason. I imagine that the single energy makes it the better choice anyways, but have you thought about Koko at all?