How do Worlds hopefuls get info and manage logistics?

Hello all!

This is my debut season as a competitive player, and I have grand ambitions to earn a Worlds invite!
The trouble is, I’m totally stumped on three topics.
(a.) Knowing where the tournaments are. Info is very scarce via Google and the official Pokémon site. For example, what secretive grapevine informed the 6P writers that Regionals is in Arizona? I have no idea how to find any events beyond a few nearby League Challenges happening within the next month. (That’s all that comes up in the official Event Locator.)
(b.) Choosing which events to attend. What’s a reasonable travel radius for each different tier of competition? Are we supposed to attend every Regionals? Or can we get to 300 by grinding mostly LC’s and Cities?
(c.) Keeping costs down when attending major events out-of-state. Two nights at a hotel can be prohibitive for many, so I assume there are groups that rent out rooms together. I’d love to know where they recruit and coordinate.

Thanks for the help. Any insight is most appreciated.

Sean L. in California, USA

The Pokemon Website is terrible at locating tournaments. I check and says: “No LCs”, then at league the next day people say: “Oh, did you go to that LC?” I really hate it.

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For Regionals, this is the official link to where they’d be found on

Obviously, no Phoenix there yet, but that’s on the organizer in all likelihood. Your best bet for individual event information before it’s on is Facebook. In the future, Pokemon is hiring/has hired an individual whose job description includes “Maintaining an online event schedule.” But, for now, that’s not happened yet.

For one thing, we don’t yet know that 300 will be the number. That information is to be considered TBA still. Thus, it’s somewhat hard to approximate a radius for you. We don’t have a guess yet.

For hotels most people travel with friends or locals. For example in Florida I will be spending 60 bucks towards a room. If you do not know anyone going posting on virbank (facebook group) can help find you a group but going with locals or a team is best.

I have my own personal limits, I wont drive more than 2.5 hours for an LC, and I wont drive more than 16 for a large tournament, any larger and I will fly. Any event more than an hour away the car automatically splits gas, and we also split all tolls.

Hey Sean! I’m a player from California as well. If you’re in SoCal, all League Challenges and (in the future) League Cups can either be found on the Event Locator or on . Personally I trust the Event Locator more than Facebook as not all the organizers have a Facebook account, but in past years we have had a list of events updated in the group regularly. If you’re in NorCal, you’ll have to rely on .

For Regionals, information is usually leaked on first, and then later published on In the case of Arizona, I know that the organizer is currently in Japan and therefore unable to post and update complete information for the event.

Sean, I struggle with the same issue. The only BIG events I’ll go to this season are Fort Wayne and Toronto Regionals, and Internationals depending on the city. I only started during Week 4 of States, so I’m kind of in the same boat as you.

If you are in Norcal try:

If you are in Southern Cal try: just as @pp101 mentioned

If you are getting started competitively I would certainly try league challenges to practice, but the road is most likely paved with League Cups and at least 3-4 regionals, maybe more depending on your mileage. And of course you should know that if you are going for a Worlds invitation on your first year it’s gonna be tough (obviously) - it’s probably a good time to get a read for the meta, try to build up knowledge of how players react to the meta changes, how high you can get at a couple top events, etc

From California the most obvious regionals to target from here are San Jose, Anaheim, Portland, and Seattle.