How can I get Tapu Lele


Hey guys, I’m in a bit of bother right now. I didn’t pull Tapu Lele in my prerelease, hardly anyone else did and no-one will trade. Do you know if there’s any way I can get multiple Leles easily without paying 60 quid plus?
Thx for your help,guys.


RAs are going for 30 to 33 on Amazon and Ebay. Don’t buy hyper rare those are the only ones going for 60+


Yeah Regular Art Tapu Lele’s are about 35 here in America so that’s about 30 quid so just pick up 2 Lele’s and you’ll be set


Well more or less every deck will play 2 Leles on average so that will already be 60-70 on average, which is a bit more than I’m willing to spend my pocket money on. If I have to I’ll just get Mum to buy me Leles as an early birthday present…