Houston Regional Championships Oct 3-4

Lilligant/Dusknoir. If you know what that is.
Archies is a tough matchup, but I can beat any Toad, Yveltal, and Tool Drop (top tables decks)
But after losing round one, I played random fairy decks and a Dragon M-Ray whole stalled me out for time, and Toad-Archeops, my autoloss.

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I approve of this, if it’s Lilligant EPO. What place did you come in?

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With Vileplume? If not I soul say that you would’ve been better off with Accelgor.

@thegrovylekid Far under 100. But don’t worry, this is still my top pick for Philly. Many people believed in me with this deck.
@jirachi123 Without Vileplume. I would much rather play Lilligant than Accelgor. And I and not sure if I am able to make a good list with Plume.

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I’ve tried. It’s extremely difficult to make a Plume/Lilligant/Dusknoir list. do you use TCGone? If you’d do, I’d love to help you!

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If you don’t have vileplume, you can’t beat toad. #superscoopups


Lilligant/Dusknoir seems like a courageous choice in a meta full of Archies and Yveltal/Archeops.

And by ‘courageous’, I mean ‘poor’.


Anyone know the Seniors standings?

Here is all I know:

Tanner Hurley got first with ArchieStoise
Antonio somethingorother got second (from double supportering) with Seismitoad/Giratina
I got top 4 with Night March.
I beat Bees in top 8.
In top 8, two decks with Seismitoad played against each other.
There was also a Metal Ray and a Sableye deck.

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Antonio Banyaga was 2nd. The Metal Ray, my brother, lost to Tanner in T8.


Tanner’s insanely good. He maxed out O everything Las year but nats points. Somehow he only got top 32 at nats. Still trying to figure out how he does it.

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So he won 6 lc’s, 4 cities, 4 regionals? That’s 890 cp I think.

Yep. Exactly. Ended the season with like 1050 from nats points or something. Regardless, the guys good.

I played 2 evosoda. Trust me, it was enough.

I guess Archies is a very bad matchup, I didn’t expect it at all. I thought the Toad and Bees in the Arena Cup would make Blastoise a bad play. But I didn’t play against one whatsoever.
There wasn’t that many Archeops as far as I could see, but I tested the Yveltal/Archeops matchup, and the Evosodas help me win the match.
I DID play a Toad/Archeops. He got it out turn 1 games 1 & 3, I got 0 prizes those games. But the Archeops came just one turn late in game 2, and I sweeped the game 6-0 with the single Lilligant I was able to evolve that game.

You are right, it was not the best meta for the deck. I prepared for it, though.
It is still my top pick for Philly, if no other suprises pop up. (like Archie)

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It will pop up.
Run Accelgor/Trevenent/Dusknoir/Silent Lab. Much better lock.

I’m not comfortable playing it. It has a more complicated setup, and and endless setup at well.
It loses to Gira, which I expected A LOT.

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Just a reminder that asking for lists is not allowed on the forum.


But is it allowed in Chat/Private Message on 6p?

It’s not not allowed.

But I would discourage it. Especially if you don’t know the person concerned. Outright asking for lists is considered somewhat rude as it can put people in an awkward position.

I know people don’t seem to care much about coming off as rude, but they should.