Houston Regional Championships Oct 3-4

Houston Regionals will be during week one for one of the first big tournaments in the U.S.

Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport
9100 Gulf Fwy. (I-45 South)
Houston, Texas 77017

  • Free Parking *

TCG Players:
Juniors: Free
Seniors: Free
Masters: $25.00 admission
(Masters will receive a P-Groudon OR Mega Tyranitar playmat upon admission, while supplies last)

Hotel info:
For the hotel, you have to mention ‘Houston Regional Championships’ at check-in to get the price in the link.
SEPTEMBER 25th is the deadline to secure a room at the hotel

Pre-registration and FAST PASS
If you print out your FAST PASS, you will be able to skip the registration line, pay, sign-up, and recieve your playmat quickly (if you’re a master), instead of going through the regular registration line which is supposed to take much longer.

Side events:
Friday, Oct. 2 (Evening) - Open play and 8-Man tournaments, different prizing, info coming soon
Saturday, Oct. 3 - TCG Regional Championship Swiss Rounds / VG side event during evening hours & 8-Man tournaments
Sunday, Oct. 4 - VG Regional Championships / Top Cut for TCG / Afternoon TCG League Challenge & 8-Man tournaments

Reference goes to Pokemon.com, Houston Regionals FB Page, and Pokemon BUZZ.com

I will update as more news flash in. If you know of anything useful, and it’s not here, go ahead and post it on this thread!

Personal note:
Regionals prizing will be exactly the same as last year, but with VISA Gift Cards included depending on attendence and your rank!

I will be going, anyone else?

Here are the vendors mentioned in the Facebook page:

Here’s our 7 vendors: Some have given me a description of what they will be selling and or buying, just scroll down the page.

Space Cadets Collection Collection

We will have thousands of Pokemon plush, as we have Pokecenter and Tomy plush in bulk arriving soon. We will have Pokemon cards, packs, sleeves, deck boxes, books, complete sets, binders, t shirts, toys , coins, dice, games and rare vintage items.

Torta’s Rare Finds

We are back at Houston Regionals for a 3rd time! Vast array of Pokemon goods straight from Japan. TCG sleeves/deck boxes, plushes, 3DS accessories, stationery, apparel and much much more. Also we buy/sell singles as well as purchase bulk pokemon (common/uncommon) cards. Rates are as follows

.04 common/uncommons…
.10 rares
.06 rev holos
.15 holo rares
See everyone there!"

Legacy Cards

Legacy Cards sells all sorts of products such as booster packs, singles, accessories, and also items from the Pokemon Center in Japan. We will also be selling plushies as well for those who are interested. We will also be buying cards as well (prices available at event) and will be having a raffle for up to $50 of in store credit to our booth! If you have any questions or requests on items please feel free to email us at legacycardshop@gmail.com

Troll & Toad

Mostly buying singles and in bulk but will also have a few things for sale. See buy list below.
Pokemon Commons and Uncommons - .05 (could change depending on how many I purchase).
Pokemon Reverse Commons/Uncommons - .05
Pokemon Rares - .08 …
Pokemon Holo Rares - .15
Reverse Holo Rares - .08
Pokemon Ultra rares - 1.50
Pokémon Energies - .03 (1000 for $30.00)

Brent Siebenkittle

We will be carrying Pokemon plushies, Japanese deck boxes, Japanese sleeves, single cards, and other Pokemon related product.
My assistants and I will be buying NM/MINT bulk for ALL rarities including basic energy. There also will be an exact buy list posted for EVERY English set ever printed!
We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones as well. See everyone at Regionals!

Jeremy Borchardt - Waiting on information
Ronnie Hurst - Waiting on information

We might be able to expect a Houston stream from Timothy Pigg.

Don’t expect anything near TPCi quality though.

Unless it’s hidden really well, there is no stream.

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Also, 358/72/46 or so.


How’d you do @10foulz?

Apparently the big decks were Archies and Yveltal(no archeops). Might be some other big ones but a majority appear to be those.

Brad - Yveltal (no archeops)
Kettler - Blastoise
Simon - Yveltal (no archeops)
Mike Canaves - Tool Drop
Jason K- Archie
Brandon Cantu - Tool Drop
Max Armitage - Yveltal
Pramawat - Toadbats
Kale - Archie
Phil Barta - Yveltal


Anyone know about Seniors? My friend was there and I wanna know how he did (he’s really good)

Nice job making day 2 @KPiplup! What archetype are you playing?

@XtremeFate: I’ll post Senior Standings later.

@Patrick1865: Archie’s.

Top 8 locks:
Brad Curcio (Yveltal)
Derek Oudie (Night March/Ghetsis)
Christopher Schemanske (Archie’s)
Rodolfo Falcon (Vileplume/Regice)

Play-in games:
Jason K (Archie) vs Alex Wilson (?)
Michael Canaves (Tool Drop) vs Michael Pramawat (Toad/Bats)
Austin Bentheimer (Archie) vs Philip Barta (?)


Did Canaves build Tool Drop in a way to have a prayer against Pram? I heard Pram is running Megaphone…

Pram won. The list was indeed built to combat Toad, though.

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If you have time, let us know the top 8 breakdown before it gets underway - would love your Tue Underground article to be a Regionals Champion report!

It will be a T8 summary, unfortunately.

It was
Archie vs Yveltal
Archie vs Plume/Regice
Archie vs Archie
Toad/Bats vs Night March

When I lost, Pram (Toad/Bats) had advanced, Archie vs Yveltal was over (don’t know who won), and Regice was in Game 3.


It’s still a great run! Proud of you - in your report I would love some insight: why so many Archies? Is it as simple as “World Champion deck?” Seems so volitlie in a land full of toads and bees…

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Great job KPiplup! Dies anyone know what did well in juniors?

Congrats to Pram. I never would’ve guessed Toad / Bats was the winning play. Week 2 is going to be very interesting!


I don’t want to sound cocky, but If I won round one (lost to a good matchup :frowning: ), I would have wrecked against most of the top tables’ decks.

Ouch. Sorry dude. What did you play if you don’t mind me asking?