Houndoom-EX, Bunnelby PRC 121 Variants // XY-on 2016


first of all, there are other people on this site

second, my personal preference is three belt


Previous post was edited to be more inclusive. Why belt? Charm basically does same thing except in an OHKO situation gives you 20 less HP. In a non OHKO scenario the. You get more out of it. Sure, against toad it is possibly better but hard charm could be considerably better depending in how it goes for the toad player.


Iā€™m assuming that this logic also stands for Wailord decks.


It holds especially true for Wailord decks IMO, since pretty much nothing other than Vespiquen is able to OHKO a Wailord anyway, so a hard charm will add at least 40 effective HP, if not 60 or more.


FFB gives houndoom 210 HP which is actually really hard to OHKO in STD format wheras hard charm gives houndiom 190 HP basically which is much easier to hit. Charm is used I Wailord cause Wailord is already a tank and the deck forces opponents to change their strategy completely