Houndoom-EX, Bunnelby PRC 121 Variants // XY-on 2016


What I thought, the player said it was a 1 of tech to help consistency of getting Wally for T1 Water Duplicates


4 c-hammers Is mandatory.


Ok, some editing of my list needed.


Has anyone tried Quad Houndoom yet? Video from topdecknation is on their youtube, really cool video!


Wel, I would play 4 houndoom 3 bunnelby 2 Shaymin


I meant like 4 Houndoom and that’s it. I find a really cool idea that works because it allows for a much more disruptive and tanky deck.


We know that is what you were talking about. We were saying that Bunnelby is a nice option and Shaymin ex is a definite yes. There are better options out there.


Bunnelby is essential. Rototiller/disruption is too good. It also gives up only one prize. Houndoom is great, but sometimes, you need to rototiller or you sometimes cant afford to give up two prizes.


That’s true. But houndoom can also allow you to survive longer against something that doesn’t 1hko (Toad) they work best when used together in my opinion


Bunnelby + Assault Vest + P-City = Toad does no damage. If they have FFB, maybe even no P-City.


When you put it like that…

Pretty convincing. But if they run Startling Megaphone, you lose the Assault Vest and will get 2 shotted. Houndoom takes atleast 3 hits to die and can Center Lady or AZ/Cassius to remove all the damage


I’m using 4 Houndoom, 2 Bunnelby, 2 Shaymin EX with load of disruption. My win rate is approximately 75%.


Toad cant even one shot bunnelby.


No, but it can 2 shot, while it takes 3 for Houndoom, and Houndoom has that extra turn that it can heal. With a Fighting Fury Belt, it becomes a 4 shot.


No it doesn’t. Listen,

If Toad has a…

-FFB, he 3 shots Houndoom.
-MB, he 2 shots both Houndoom and Bunnelby.
-No tool, 2 shots Bunnelby and 3 shots Houndoom.

This should help everyone. :wink:


Let’s go through this:

Quaking Punch = 30 dmg + Muscle Band = 50 dmg + Weakness = 100 dmg*2 = 200 dmg.

With a Fighting Fury Belt, MB Punch is still a 3 shot.


Some lists prefer 0 octillary, and a few of those play 1 shaymin.


I think Assault Vest makes more sense than FFB on Houndoom considering you don’t normally attempt to attack with Houndoom and the vest will effectively give you 80 extra HP if they have to two-shot you.

But besides that, the main flaw I see in the argument that Houndoom is better vs Toad than Bunnelby is this: though it takes 3 turns to KO one Toad for 2 prizes, it takes 4 turns to KO the two Bunnelbies needed to take the same number of prizes.


I ran hard charm.
It works more often, as opponents can work around assault vest (unless it is night march, which you will probably win if they burn through their deck discarding night marchers).

While FFB seems to do more, hard charm actually works better (for me at least) in the long run. When facing something like toad, -20 damage around 3 times is better than +40 health once. (60>40)

It also essentially negates muscle bands your opponent plays.


Yes, with a fury belt. You hadn’t mentioned that yet. Also, which pair is better, a 2-2 Vest/Charm or a 2-2 of Vest and Belt?