Houndoom-EX, Bunnelby PRC 121 Variants // XY-on 2016


OK, so would you say it is worth running? I enjoy the fact that it has few bad matchups, but obviously you have more insight with it.


The deck isn’t bad, but many people just don’t run it. It also has a poor greninja matchup which hurts pretty badly for players of this deck.


Ah, how do you reckon that could be improved? I think could Garbodor work?


Or hex streaming. But I didn’t run either

However, I never played against greninja so I was lucky


They run xerosic and sometimes megaphone. Garb wont work and its too clunky anyways. Hex streaming and Judge are your best chances to beat them. But they’ll still likely win.




No. Judge is for disruption.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I’ll probably just run 1 or 2 Hex Maniac and try and stream those. I’m currently trying to optimize the deck so I can get Turn 1 Houndoom and mill straight away.


But n is better later in the game. You still get 6 and they get a lot less


If your game goes as planned a late N results in both players getting 6 cards.


Not really.
The opponent is going to take prizes.
There aren’t enough hammers in the world to prevent that.

The goal is to win before they can take all 6, not before they take a single prize.

N can be great late game. Get them down to 1 or 2, and hammer away energy or Lysandre stall


So, the Supporter count for my list so far:

4 N
3 Professor Sycamore
2 Hex Maniac
1 Lysandre
1 Xerosic
1 Delinquent
1 Team Rocket’s Handiwork
2 Team Flare Grunt

What do you think


Also, thought I’d add this, Garb was very effective in a game i just played against Greninja, I was able to lock their Water Shurikens by T2, and from then on could just mill through their deck. Still want to test how it fares with just Hex Maniac.
What tools do you guys use in the deck? At the moment I run a 2-2 split of Assault Vest and Float Stone, might change Vests to Hard Charms or Fury Belts though.


If there really is such a difference between N and Judge then just split.


I personally feel Judge is nice in this deck, I’ll test a 2/2 split. Or possibly 3 N/1 Judge, depending on preference.
What Stadiums are good for this deck? I’ve tested Aqua’s Base and Scorched Earth, probably say Base is more useful in Greninja (luckily I haven’t hit any at all on TCGOne :sweat_smile:)

EDIT: Sorry for spamming the thread like this, really love the deck. I’ve been testing with 2 Scorched Earth, and seems good for setting up early game. Think it’d be worth playing a Blacksmith to get Fire Energy back from Scorched Earth accel?


In what variation of houndoom are you not playing multiple Team Flare Grunt, headringers, and Team Aqua secret base.
Play down an Aqua Base, Lysandre a Shaymin, put a ringer on it. If they put a DCE on it to retreat, then they’re not attaching that turn without Max Elixir. If they retreat, bring Shaymin back up, if they don’t remove the DCE on your next turn.


Late game could mean pretty early if talking about greninja. They can possibly take 4 prizes against you in one turn.


Well yeah I play all of those.

But the likely hood of winning without having the opponent take a prize is pretty slim


So, played using a more disruptive list than I have previously run ( with Head Ringers, Aqua’s Base and 2 Lysandre in favour of Teammates, with 3-2 Hammers) and guess what I ran into - Greninja.

Holy hell this matchup is tough. I started second, and was able to start milling with Houndoom immediately. I also managed to stream Hex Maniac a couple of turns while I discarded their deck. That included 2 of their Greninja BREAK, which was insane. From their I Lysandre’d up a Shaymin, and was able to mill them out from their. Obviously had some really good luck, but that really is a difficult matchup.

I’m currently 8-3-0 with this deck so far. Really fun to play.


Shaymin seems out of place in Greninja Break.