Houndoom-EX, Bunnelby PRC 121 Variants // XY-on 2016


I dislike trick shovel. You can replace it for other things and I isn’t like you are/arent going to win without it.


I replaced it.
Didn’t use it once, but whatever.

I’m 3-1-1 right now, waiting to see if I made top cut.

Darkrai/mamalar. WW
Put-all-ex’s-into-1-deck. WW
Jolteon/Magnazone/Rakiou. WLL
M Gallie EX. WW
ID (opponent had M Raquaza)


Top 8:
Darkrai/Malamar (same guy as round 1). WW

Top 4 here I come!

Edit2: in the end, I came in 2nd, loading to Diggersby in the last round


Well first time playing the deck but got wrecked by Greninja and well, out of my 4 opponents i had to go through 1 Greninja and 2 random Primal Groudon decks.


Which are 2 not great matches…


Congratulations @Phoenix15!

Also, not entirely sure on this, but PG should be easy as long as they have a Wobb in play because their setup requires lots of digging and its super slow. Then you can just lysandre wobb until you deck then. Bunnelby is so clutch as a one-prize miller.

Greninja you just hope they dead draw.


Yep, the PG matches weren’t too bad, but once they got PG down and setup there was nothing much i could do, round 2, he just slapped on an floatstone to his PG. Didnt quite see his whole deck, but it had Wobbs and Aegislash Ex.

Well guess you cant win them all.


What can you even do against greninja


Lysandre Octillery and mill.


Chain hex if you run it. Otherwise just hope you don’t bump into it. Some people also like Garb


Well i did win 1 round against Greninja, mainly as said by @smashandslash , lysandre Octillery and mill, i forced the lysandre, and manage to mill out his 2 floatstones, and continuously removed energy from this Octillery. I should have ran 1 Hex at the time but was against it cause i didnt think abilities would be problematic for me, now with Greninjas around i will run a copy.

I was going to try Garb, will have to see.

But if the Greninja players are smart, they will usually hold an energy or two, wait till they get 1 Greninja BKP out and Moonlight Slash. Kills Bunnelbys and Houndsdooms easy, well thats what my opponent did anyways in round 3. He played it alittle slower but once he had the BKP Greninja’s up, i couldnt do much. That and the fact i kept whiffing my SSU.

Note: I’m fairly new to the whole game, which might question some of my plays but i did learn from my mistakes.


I was thinking about running houndoom with slowking


I get tails 7 out of 10 times when I play this deck, I’m thinking about Max Potion over the SSU.


Max potion is a lot better if you have a few super rods.

How about adding in ~2 Diggersbys for the Sableye effect, since you already have the Bunnelbys and the Puzzle of Times.


I tried that. It works, but Houndoom/Bunnelby without partners works better than with partners. At least a 2-2 line of Slowking would be needed. And float stones then. Thats a lot of space better used by other disruption or draw support cards.


For starters you can cut 4 hammers


But what about those times when there isn’t a useless pokemon to move energy too?
You’ll just end up powering up their other pokemon

Discarding the energy is better


Toad slowking (deck out) got second at Norway regionals.


Well hey, if Slowking works for you, great.


Sorry for the necro post, but who still runs this deck?


Well I got 2nd at states with it. Then got top 16.

Then stopped