Houndoom-EX, Bunnelby PRC 121 Variants // XY-on 2016


Well, I feel like this deserves it’s own thread now, as this is a deck that could be a major contender for states.
2 Bunnelby
2 Shaymin EX
4 Houndoom EX

4 Ultra ball
4 Super Scoop Up
4 VS Seeker
3 Head Ringer
4 Crushing Hammer
3 Enhanced Hammer
3 Assault Vest
2 Startling Megaphone
2 Trick Shovel
1 Super Rod
1 Tool Retriever
2 Team Aqua’s base
4 Professor Sycamore
2 Prof. Birch
2 AZ
2 Lysandre
2 Team Flare Grunt

7 fire energy

Credit to CleatusVanDam for list.



I am totally running this at States, but with a slightly different list.

Should I post mine?


I… wouldn’t be the judge of whether you should post your list or not.


If you want to then go ahead. If not that’s fine too.


I like a 2-2 split of hard charm/vest. Not every deck runs special energy.


2 team flare grunt? how do you expect to beat toad?


I run 3 and 1 xerosic. And 3 VS Seeker.


Vs seeker is totally the card that beats toad :wink:


If they miss the Quacking Punch for just one turn, Vs Seekers become more valuable than you would think to recycle Xerosics and Team Flare Grunts for following turns. In a way, they can be very useful against Toad. I would include one Jirachi promo. You already run basic energy, so you might as well. I have recently begun using it in my SableGarb list with good results.


Wait, wait, wait… what part of that deck wasn’t available during the end of cities? If I remember correctly it didn’t do too bad. I guess I’m just surprised there hasn’t already been a thread on this considering it has been a viable deck for quite some time now.

Anyway, I play my list without the Assault Vests, but with Hard Charms, as someone mentioned previously. And one more Bunnelby, and a Delinquent or two… or three :wink:


I just made a list and started testing, I like delinquent a lot in this deck, as you basically discard three cards for one supporter.


If I were to run any, I would only run 1 Delinquent.
I don’t think it is worth too many spots in your deck, as it doesn’t help you if you are falling behind and need to shut down your opponent. If you are up on top, it’s great. If you really need to draw into those hammers or stuff, not great


Basically win more?

Would puzzle of time be ideal w/ this deck?


It works…
But not often.

It’s better to run the extra trick shovel/hammers/flare grunt than the Puzzles.

I tried them for a while, but didn’t have much use for them. If you really need something back, rototiller.


So, in my deck, I run 3 sycamore and 3 birch.

I was considering changing out the sycamore for shauna.
It gets you less cards, but you don’t have to risk discarding hammers and things that would be helpful later on.

What do you think?
Should I leave the sycamore?


Maybe im bad but i feel that the deck needs Garb doesnt it?


Not really.
I have had great success testing online without it.
It helps, but 4 cards (2-2 line) + 2 float stone takes away a lot of consistency and disruption.


I like corpfish in this deck because ssu is good for houndoom too.


Going to states today.
I run 4 Houndoom, 3 bunnelby, 2 Shaymin.

I also run 3 trick shovel.

Should I keep the 3rd trick shovel, or swap it for a jirachi promo?


I like the 3rd shovel, just to let you know.