Hoopa from Steam Siege in your Malamar lists- do it


Hey all, I’m John a new UG member of 6p. Recently while building a Malamar list I started looking for 1 prize attacker that has a little more bulk than Mew-FCO or Mimkyu. Low and behold, I found what is damn near the star of the show in many games I have played- Hoopa from steam siege.

Has pesky 130 hp
Hits Buzz for weakness
Does some math fixing for (regular) Necrozma
Hits (regular) Necrozma for weakness

I would highly encourage anyone that can find space to add a Hoopa from Steam Siege into their Malamar lists. Furthermore, he is pretty decent in any deck as for 1 colorless energy we can swing into buzz for 100 with a cband.

Hope this helps someone and feel free to let me know what you think.



Hi John, strongly agree. I like Hoopa STS a lot. The extra HP puts it beyond KO range for a Zoroark GX without something like Kukui and will power through psychic resistance for a 2-hit KO, so I like it quite a lot.

I’ve also put time into thinking about and want to test the Dawn Wings Necrozma promo (https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/sm-series/smp/SM106/) - you could build around having a few of these in your deck and use Beast Ring as well.