Help with Dialga Ex deck and variants

Hello, I don’t play leagues/tournaments since the MewTric, but never stop playing with my friends with funny old decks, and I’m thinking about build the Dialga Ex/Bronzong to start again on competitive. I don’t have a list already, but I see some here on 6P, and I’m working on the points that you guys are showing. But I want to know how the Dialga deck can go against VirGen, Toad and Charizard/Pyroar deck, specially the last one because of the weakness of the Metal Pokémon.

What kind of cards can be used to have less problems with these decks? When I think of something to beat Fire-type now, I see Seismitoad Ex and Keldeo Ex, but dunno if they worth a slot on Dialga deck.

Any help are welcome.

For the Pokémon, I’m thinking about it:
4-4 Bronzong PHF
2 Cobalion-EX
2 Aegislash-EX
3 Dialga EX PHF
1 Cobalion LTR

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