Help wanted: Curators for deck categories


I think one area we could improve on is making sure that we have topics for all major archetypes in the standard and expanded categories:

I think people are sometimes hesitant to create new topics (which they should be), but are more willing to add replies, so I’d like to make sure we are on top of things and have topics already made for all the major decks out there.

If you are creating a new topic, please make sure to meet all the criteria listed here:

If there are a couple people who are in the know and interested in holding a curating position, let me know!

Also, I guess this would be a good opportunity to discuss how to handle the past categories:

@Chaostamer @Mr_Rumpleteezer what are your thoughts on managing old format stuff?


I’m up for it. What you mean is like moving similar topics, creating new ones for new decks and editing title?


The mods and I usually catch whenever a new topic is created that should be merged with an old one, but I’m talking more about making sure there is an existing topic for each deck already. Like right now, I don’t think there is an Yveltal variants topics in Standard.

Basically, any time a deck variant becomes somewhat established or known, the curators should make sure there is a topic for it.


Ok. Sounds good. I think it would be good for someone to add BW/Plasma Klang & friends (Cobalion EX, baby Cobalion, maybe Lucario PLS) for extended.


I would definately be down to try to help.


I’d help as well if you want me too.


I will try to help :slight_smile:


I am always willing to help out!


I volunteer as tribute


I want to help anyway i can


I think we can adapt our standard from the old forums to match the style used for Modified deck topics. @Mr_Rumpleteezer and I haven’t discussed it in detail, but we’ve talked over some ideas in the past. Should go smoothly.

(I’m also interested in a curating position for the Standard format discussions.)


@Tsunami I will bring arceus for the tribute.

Standard seems like things are still in the stirring pot, though I seem to have a handle on it I would be interested in doing something for extended, either way I’ll do what I can if I can, if not I’ll reply.


Alright, well since so many people would like to help with Standard and Expanded, then I’m going to hold off on naming anyone a “curator” of them for now. Rather, I’d like to see if anyone specifically steps up and seems to be on top of making new topics (and making them well) when it seems appropriate. The goal here is to have topics ready to spark and guide discussions.

@Chaostamer I think most stuff can probably simply be copied over. The system will be slightly different, in that there will be a subcategory for each format rather than a tag. I also tried to make the subcategories a little more specified (by including the year).

The only thing I’m not totally sure how to handle will be archiving all the topics from the current formats. Do you think, for example, nxd-flf should be included with the “past” category, or do you think it should be in an “archive” category and then you and other curators would make topics for the archetypes only?

I’m honestly not sure what would be best. It’s not a pressing concern, so we can take some time to think about it.


I’m definitely down to facilitate whatever needs done! Also am willing to curate anything, as always.


Great! I’ve made both you and @Chaostamer curators, so you guys can coordinate how you want to handle all the past categories.