"Healthy & Fun (What?!)" – T64 Toronto Report, Pikarom's Revenge, and Contemplating Yveltal BREAK for Greensboro

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Nice article Alex. I’ve been wondering about a “slower” PikaRom… like, why does everything have to be “turbo”? Definitely like your take on it here.

Yveltal BREAK is a pretty intriguing play. I notice that you didn’t list Pikarom in the matchups. I think it would be pretty unfavored, as any electric deck probably would be. I guess its fate would depend on whether players pull back from the electric decks after Toronto or if they stick with it. Yveltal BREAK would be a pretty gutsy play for sure.

Yeah, I completely forgot to list pikarom as a possible matchup for Yveltal. Definitely an oversight. The matchup is indeed terrible, which makes yveltal more of a gamble than I initially hoped for. It’s still pretty strong though.