"Healing Lapras" Deck


Quad = 4.
Usually a term to describe a deck with four of a basic Pokémon as the main card with little to no backup Pokémon.
Examples are Quad:

All of these were actual decks that relied on just four of that Pokémon and practically nothing else.


Uhm… I think that remove Jynx gives only, for example, +1 Aqua Patch, +1 Max Elixir, +1 Energy, +1 Kukui. More fast and offensivly strong, but really more weak in defense. I think that there are maximum 5 things that can works in a deck:
do OHKO (if who attack is Ex or GX)
do 2HKO (if who attack is not Ex, not GX)
have no OHKO (if the opponent is Ex or GX)
Change the numer of prizes you or the opponent takes if KO
Decking out

I think that if a deck does 1 or more of this things in a good way, it works. An offensive Lapras does by 8,5/10 the 1st and by 6/10 the 3rd, my deck does by 7,5/10 the 1st and by 8/10 the 3rd. Is true that if a strategy in 2 deck is really good who have them little better than the other one gives an high help, but is also true that in this situation the difference of the second strategy in this decks is high.

This is my personal opinion, remember that I am a weak player that does only 2 Top and 0 times passed a Top turn.


You make sense, but most decks only do one of those things, and make the deck consistent. Lapras disrupts to the point where it can run over the game. You either make the list consistent with one core strategy, make in inconsistent with a 50/50 strategy, or (most usually) have a deck with a single strategy, and maybe a tech or 2 as a backup plan with a different strategy behind.


Okay. I’m sure that its true, anyway I prefer play a deck that give more pleasure to be play and is more simple to play. My healing deck was never a pure healing, but was by the first time an hybrid. I want a stronger deck, but also the same kind of deck (whit the better list is possible to have).

Thank you for this help, I’ll consider them for future decks. Remember that I play this month after 8-9 moths when I did only 1 torneum after 2 other years that I didn’t play, so this deck in the true is only a sort of test deck, that I’ll use only until when will arrive Burning Shadows or until the rotation. Now, I’m thinked for a Tapu Koko-GX whit Burning Shadows cards that is surilly better than this deck in all version I play this deck.