"Healing Lapras" Deck


Sorry if I am confusing you. In play TCG you don’t collect cards like on PTCGO, just make a deck list at Bebesearch.com. Both websites are very outdated, but since you are making the movements yourself (the actions aren’t automatic like PTCGO) you might get a nice opponent, and when you tell him an older card actually means a newer card, he might accept it and go with it, but it is definitely not the best.


I can’t use proxies for all deck!


It was just an idea, a bad one but the only one I had.


Edit after test againts theme deck.


Sorry, but what is collette? Also, how helpful is full water set? Maybe take out shauna and 1 N for 2 judge?


wow you beat a theme deck how impressive. Now face a M Mewtwo or Turbo Dark or an actual META deck. NOT A THEME DECK. Which one was it and please tell me it was not a sun and moon theme deck please. When testing a deck you do not want a easy win vs yourself. Find a good player and duel them. Then you will recieve actual results. And you traded a super rod for[quote=“2CardCollectorQ, post:27, topic:10716”]
water set?


You know what this reminds me of TUrbo Water deck using that huntail from primal clash that does 20x for each water energy attached to all of your pokemon. Maybe throw in a primarina gx(lol) or even a wishiwashi gx(lol) DEck of the year.

Those are my suggestions some speculations and more.


I missed the no super rod, thanks for pointing that out. Definitely necessary. Theme decks aren’t good for results, nice to test consistency but nothing else.


Even I’m not that much of a savage

Dude he’s just trying to make his deck work the way he wants it. If he wants to be able to beat a theme deck then he wants to beat a theme deck


Why thank you. I appreciate it.

Your welcome


Sorry, Colette is Italian name of Brigette.

I tested agains what I can, I know that is not same thing of a competitive deck, but is really better than nothing.

For other, plaese use simply english. I apologize, but my english is really bad.


No problem. Switch Bridgette for nest ball. No use of supporter, gets what you need. Will probably get the same cards with a nestball and Sycamore.


The problem is that whit Nest Ball I don’t find the 3 Jynx in T2-T3, but in T5-T8. Are a lot of damages that are add to Lapras. Anyaway, I know perfectly that a Supporter can give me 1-2 Elixir/Aqua Patch more. But find 3 Nest Ball when there are 3 in deck is really difficult in first turns. Instead 2 Brigette permise me to find 1 in T2/T3 and 1 a lot of turns later. But I need only one. If I succede to find 3 Jynx in first turns Nest Ball is REALLY PERFECT, but it is really difficult.


Changed Fresh Water Set for Potion.


-1 Shauna, -1 Float Stone, -2 Potion, +4 Max potion
You can’t really call it a healing deck without Max potion, as it looks more like a stall deck with a draw engine, and 12 energies you can probably take 1-2 off a lapras and heal it completely.
Just in my opinion, straight quad Lapras is better by a mile.


Considering max potion resets everything and he has no way to get those energies back fast, I’d say that max potion isn’t the best option


Torneum ends. 2-2, Was a torneum for fun, so only a round for match.

Match 1 Vs M Gardevoir-Ex Steam Siege Win
She succeded twice to do OHKO whit Sky Field, but over them knocked out only a Jynx. Sometimes she did only 110 damages. I win for benching out.

Match 2 Vs Tapu Koko-GX Lose
He did a OHKO by GX attack, KO at 2 Jynx and KO at 1 Lapras that I didn’t succeded to heal.

Match 3 Vs M Aggron-Ex-Victini Win
My opponent was unluky in the draw, but I also at 1 turn had in my hand 5 energies in 5 cards. So, no energies in deck for when I finded Max Elixir. He retreated a not-Megaevoling Aggron-Ex and did a OHKO whit a Megaevoled one. He played Solgaleo-GX, that gived me another OHKO. I used Lysandre to the not-Megaevoled, that was damaged, and I did my third KO for the win.

Match 4 Vs Garbodor-Yveltal-Ex-Tauros-GX Lose
If I did the GX attack at T3 against the Yveltal-Ex the Pokémon stayed Paralyzed and I probably won at T4. But I razionalized them too later. After them, he plays 2 Tauros-GX that can give me OHKO. Also one Yveltal-Ex can give me OHKO. At the end, I seached to stall that means not attack for don’t increase the damage that do me Tauros-GX and pass each turn for search to timed out for search to draw the match. But my opponent succeded to play Lysandre and gived KO to the second Jynx after KO 2 Lapras-GX. He never evolved the Trubbish.

All my opponents give me one or more OHKO. Now I think I’ll play Field Blower, that remove Fighing Fury Belt and so give to a lot of opponents 40 virtual damages. I’ll add Prof. Kukui for do other 20 and do OHKO to a really high number of opponents. It helps me also against Choice Band (even if today I find zero of them against me), that prevent a lot of OHKO.


An idea, maybe bad but…
Why not +4x Maxie Hidden Trick and Rhyperior for Jynx? Is really more slow the deck, but permise to prevent some more OHKO. And give me only good starts.
Can work the idea?


Edit deck. Have a lot of Supporters, but each one of them should work in a different moment of the game, so should be no problem about them.

No, I thinked and now I believe I’ll never succede to play Rhyperior before T4. So I delete that card and edit again.


This is basically quad Lapras with Jynx. Quad Lapras already has so much healing, all Jynx does is hurt the consistency a little bit. Just my opinion.


What does it mean Quad?