"Healing Lapras" Deck


Pokémon (8)
Lapras-GX x4
Jynx x4
T/S/S (40)
Sycamore x4
N x4
Pokémon Center Lady x3
Prof. Kukui x2
Brigette x2
Lysandre x2
Aqua Patch x3
Super Potion x3
Switch x3
VS Seeker x3
Choice Band x3
Max Elixir x3
Field Blower x2
Rough Seas x3
Energy (12)
Water x12


Here are a few suggestions:

Many decks rely on simply 4 sycamore and 3 N, maybe a few Shaymin. The shaunas can be taken out for this kind of setup (minus the shaymins) and more vs seekers.

You might think that 4 vs seekers are a bit much, but they are a great card you would always want more of in case they are discarded.

Replace the potions with super potions. You are running a lot of energy retrieval, energy shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Reverse the Pokemon counts. You want to try your best to start with Laura’s gx, and if you put ultra ball as nest ball, you will get the Pokemon you want very quickly no matter what.

Float stone can be moved down to 2 spots with the less likely hood of starting jynx, try and put fighting fury belt down for the more hp, or choice band for more damage, your choice.

13 energy seems like a lot. If you need extra space for the cards above, take out energy for them, and change one energy for a super rod.

Hope these help, and I am curious about how well this deck works.

Also, remember you can’t attack twice with lapras without a second lapras+switch card or Pokemon ranger.


So, Sycamore and N will be your main supporters here as they can best make your deck run smoothly. Sure N makes you draw a little less if you have prizes taken, but it’s a better setup card than shauna and can disrupt the opponent. So remove the shauna and add in one more N, one more sycamore, and a fourth ultra ball because I notice you only have three ultra ball and you want to be able to maximize search of your Pokémon.
@2CardCollectorQ: he does not need four vs seeker. This is a huge misconception that many players make. He runs full counts of N and sycamore as well as a thick line of center lady. 3 vs seeker is perfectly fine for him to run in this case. @PaoloUrraci I suggest removing your four crushing hammers and adding these things:
A third vs seeker
A fourth Lapras to maximize potential of starting it
Two fighting fury belts (for an extra HP boost which might help your pokemon survive longer)

Last words- between Collect, your supporter count, and a high energy count, you should have no trouble executing your strategy through consistency. The only issue I see is decks that do too much damage to you that force you to heal lots of damage every turn in order to survive being two shotted, and some decks may just one shot your Lapras anyways. Wrapping this up: use Collect (lapras’ first attack) for more draw support, use Ice Beam GX wisely, and manage your resources.

Good luck!


Edit deck. Yes, for Ultra Ball is not really logic. I thinked that I could need to discard water energy at 1st turns even if I don’t find Sycamore, and them could help me to use Aqua Patch. But yes, in 2 turns and in 4x I probably will be find a Sycamore. I used 2 Float Stone for attack whit 2 Lapras (2 Float Stone to 2 Lapras, this was the strategy. Aswer me if is possible, if not maybe I remove Float Stone. Maybe I can use 1-1 or 2-1 of Dodrio?). This line is better than the first?


The deck looks really good! Float stone is better than dudrio, but maybe fit in a few escape rope? Only if you have the space, since it isn’t necessary. You don’t want to hit fast with this deck, trying to hit all 4 max elixirs and Aqua patches first turn, but to play the long game with super potion and all, meaning that there is no real need to try and get Turn 1 sycamore. Hope it works well!


Maybe I can also simply retreat a Lapras whit another Lapras paying 2 of retreat… sometimes.
I think that probably in some match I need 4 Rough Seas… but I don’t know what remove.
Uhm… I can assegne Float Stone to 1 Lapras and Fighting Fury Belt to another. In this way sometimes I have more life, and sometimes I can not lose the turn. An hybrid. The problem is that I need both a big life and retreat. How to solve them? If I can’t do it, I play 3x FFB, 1x Float Stone and 4x Rough Seas… It is wrong?

[Edit: I think that maybe I can do them: " I can assegne Float Stone to 1 Lapras and Fighting Fury Belt to another. In this way sometimes I have more life, and sometimes I can not lose the turn. An hybrid.". I think is the better solution. But a question: is better 3 Float or 3 Fury Belt?]


It is just too hard to get enough energy lategame after a retreat like that and use the same lapras again. However, there will not be enough room for that many tools. Maybe 2 FFB, 1 Float? I think switch/escape rope is what you really need, since you should be able to power a second lapras up early game and be able to switch between the two. Four rough seas might be needed, but test it with three, might be fine.


uhhhhhh what are you trying to say your writing is messed up. [quote=“PaoloUrraci, post:1, topic:10716”]
Don’t reccomend me to play Trainer’s Mail 4

why vs seeker would be helpful though


Sorry for my English. I mean assign.
I think that there are a lot of cards more important of Trainer Mail in each deck, my personal opinion. I think that each player should have a personal view of the game, is not normal that all player prefer exactly the same cards. If not, I never thinked to play Jynx, that probably in this deck works really good.
I not change the decklist, I’ll test this one. If there are other helps are all a good thing, but the idea of search to attack each turn is rejected, and Trainer’s Mail for me is not a really good card.


Your free to have your own opinion, but trainers mail has seen a lot of play. Do what you want, but try and keep an open mind about all cards. They see play for a reason.


I’ve think some minuts about them. I think that could be a good card, but needs experience for be play. I don’t play by months because there are no places where the TCG is play near my city. I’ll test this deck at the nearest place, but I need to use 2 hours of train for go and 2 for return. So, I don’t know how to play that card and as I not will play at an high number of torneums I will never have the experience to play Trainer’s mail.


Trainers mail isn’t an incredibly hard card to use, just try and thin your deck and think about what you need and what it works with in your hand, but it’s your deck. Sorry you are a long drive from the testing group, but PTCGO is a great place to test your deck based on the deck itself! Good luck with your testing!


create a group that is what i did i frickin converted every single youth player in my school to pokemonism.


I’m searching to do it, but I din’t succeded. I will search again when I will live in the center of the city, now I live in a periferyc town and is difficult. When I will find a work, I probably will can do them.


TCGO is difficult for me: Here I can’t use proxies, and here is difficult for me find all cards. If I can use proxies, I don’t know how to do it.


You can’t use proxies online, sadly, but there is a website called playtcg (if I remember correctly) based off of BebeSearch.com. The website is old and outdated, but everything is manual, meaning you and a friend could play against each other online, call certain cards proxies for newer cards, etc. Might work with strangers, but they will be much more strict.


I know playtcg. Here there aren’t the new cards: the site is die.


Additionally, I tried to play ilder formats here with my friend but was unable to create an account because i wasn’t not sent an account confirmation email so I’ve pretty much figured that no one manages the site anymore


Yeah, it isn’t the best, but it’s the only sight where you can play online that lets you play it. If you need to use proxies, I think that’s the only option.


I haven’t undestand. Where I can use proxies on-line? In playtcg?