GX Coin-thing Question


Is it in the rules that we have to have a gx coin (or what ever they call it) in tournament matches?
Just wanted to know if I have to buy one if I’m gonna use gx’s in my decks.
Sorry this is kind of a stupid question.


Answer: yes. But, you can also make yourself one; doesn’t have to be the official ETB one.


Er…I came T8 at a Regionals without a GX coin.


So I can use a marker other than a GX counter as a GX counter? I have this Japanese pokemon counter thingy that’s unrelated to TCG. Can I use that?


It has to be clear to your opponent what’s going on, otherwise, it’s pretty open-season.


Thanks for the help!
Guess I gotta get my hands on one then.


I’ll probably 3d print one to go with my 3d printed damage counters.


I have just been using the pokemon coins that come in a variety of packs and that has worked out well. Like most people, I use dice for coin flips, so using as a GX coin has been a great use for them :slight_smile:


Whatever’s handy works. Hot Hands were a meme for a bit. I’ve used a sugar packet before. Just make it clear which side means what.