Groudon Decklist// BCR ON

Hey guys! I’ve been playing Groudon for a little bit and I’ve liked playing it a lot, and I think it’s a very good deck for the upcoming Spring Regonail tournament. If you want to see a in depth review on this deck check out my article on the top 5 best plays for Spring Regonails. I’ll try to do another decklist on another deck in the future that I put on that article. I hope you enjoy! Leave suggestions below and if you have any questions on how it functions that wasn’t answered in my other article.

3x Groudon EX 150 PRC
3x Primal Groudon 151 PRC
4x Landorus 58 FFI
3x Hawlucha 63 FFI
1x Jirachi EX 60 PLB
4x Professor Juniper
4x N
4x Korina
2x Lysandre
1x Lysandre’s Trump Card
3x V.s. Seeker
2x Scorched Earth
2x Silent Lab
3x Groudon Spirit Link
2x Focus Sash
1x Escape Rope
1x Switch
1x Ultra Ball
1x Repeat Ball
1x Battle Compressor
2x Focus Sash
8x Fighting (basic)
4x Strong Energy

This is a pretty basic list but you can add in multiple tech cards to help you out with some bad matchups. If you have any question feel free to ask them about this list. Thank You!

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