Greninja/Trevanant done for?


If we get this in English I think it’s safe to assume that Greninja would be dealth with.


This is a pretty good ability. I can definetly see this being used in rainbow road and maybe mega Ray.


Looks like ninja is back to playing silent lab


LOL just sold my Greninja at a league challenge​:sweat_smile::laughing::joy:


I don’t see why that is so funny. For you at least. For me I’m just like “lmao, you just sol a perfectly good deck”


These are exactly the types of cards I hate seeing be added to the game. It turns the game into seeing who can keep drawing answers every turn rather than who can outplay their opponent (in this case, who can keep drawing Silent Lab or a counter to Silent Lab).


The aspect of outplaying your opponent died a long time ago.


The idea of skill in Pokemon died sometime during 2011.


Skill is still very clear in Pokémon; but only when both players draw average. Even if it’s a bad matchup, skill will come into play. Games and matches are won off of skill routinely.

However, we’re getting off topic. If anyone wants create a thread, I’m sure many would like to discuss it.

I hate trevenant, but its not completely impossible for it to play silent lab. It’s not ideal, but its certainly possible to attach two psychic.


Honestly, I think you guys are blowing this way out of proportion.

Think about it this way:

You’ll play one of them because it is an absolutely terrible starter.

You’ll bench it so that they can’t Water Shuriken you

They’ll play Silent Lab + Lysandre then your precious Giratina is gone

Now you’ll have to super rod it back into your deck and hope that they don’t play silent lab again.

Also, it is a dead card in every other matchup besides Trevenant.

And hell, trev can just push up a non-break trev to continue the item lock.


Yeah, it is a piece of cake to have Silent Lab, Lysandre and 2 Water Energy in hand during the same turn and 2 Greninja BREAK on board simultaneously, and I will definitely need Giratina again after my opponent foregoes my attacker to waste an entire turn and all their resources on a single- and possibly the 7th-Prize Bench sitter.


Having those really isn’t difficult as a greninja player, and you only need 1 break. If killing the Tina means the swarm can arrive, the loss in tempo is more than worth it. You can even ignore it with lab up and snipe it once to lysandre later on and deal with the active. While it’s a nice tool to have, I do not see it making many lists unless it’s the bdif with a terrible ninja matchup, and even then you make every other matchup worse by putting it into your deck.


Ninjas are not close to dead in expanded. its not very challenging to get two water energy, lab, and lysandre in the same turn. Especially when tall flame can get you two of them. Trev isn’t dead either, as you just play float stone and rotate between trev and the break.


You would need something else like Rattata to deal with Fighting Fury Belt then.

The same would apply to the inclusion of multiple copies of Silent Lab in Greninja BREAK.

Talonflame also rarely survives that long in Expanded unless faced with Trevenant BREAK, the latter not going to play Giratina anyway.




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