Greninja BREAK Variants XY-on (2016)


The real question is what to remove. There really aren’t any non-essential cards in the list.


It would depend on your list. It takes a lot of critical thinking during deck building. You have to consider what the main strategy of the deck is and question every cards inclusion. Some may seem like no brainers but they could be deceptive. A fourth Froakie, for example, may not seem like it is needed because of the Frogadiers attack. On the first turn of the game though what do want to see? You want to see a Froakie or 2 ideally. With that said having a 4th Froakie is the most consistent way of starting with 1 which is what you need to start the strategy of a normal straight Greninja deck.
With that said you could opt to not play a Rough Seas since it doesn’the necessarily aid in the consistency of the deck establishing it’s main strategy. I have seen lists that don’t play it and they work just fine.

Tl;Dr look at your list and see what doesn’t seem to help very much and weigh the pros and cons of its exclusion for Rough Seas.


This deck is the biggest beneficiary of the reprint of N, I guess? So many awkward shuffle-draw Supporters that Greninja had to tolerate — Shauna, Professor Birch, Ace Trainer and Judge — can now be replaced. Critiques are appreciated.


-1 N
-1 Remoraid
-1 Octillery

+1 Sycamore
+1 Level Ball
+1 Water Energy/Trainers’ Mail

Having 4 N and only 2 Sycamore can bite you late game. It is incredibly good early-mid game but after you KO a 60 HP benched pokemon and an EX in their active spot, then N can hurt you. 3 Is consistent as long as you have the compressor. Have you had any trouble with water energy counts? Hope this helps. :wink:


Have been playing this a ton at home and online, but never with compressor. What do you typically compress if you get it early game? Fisherman, energy, sycamore? Is the synergy with Skyla (being able to grab a rough seas, letter, and so on) not good enough to consider her in here?


Thanks for the suggestions!

That was actually why I decided to keep the Octillery line despite advice not to. I will try to cut it for the third Sycamore and see what will happen, as with my original list I did experience more inconsistency early in the game than late.

Fisherman, Lysandre and Wally if I have everything else ready.

I thought she was not necessary due to the absence of Rare Candy, but I may be wrong considering that Greninja can now cope with a much slower pace than before thanks to N. I will try her out.


My list very similar to above besides I run split Silent Lab to Rough Seas so good to start get the Lab so they can’t play Shaymin. I’m also not running Lysandre though thought about it and 3 Jirachi lost at states to a guy that played 4 it was nasty!


I would want them to play shaymin. Allows me to 2 shot them with GWS.


What does everyones trainer list look like with N? I have been testing 4-4 sycamore/N, but that has felt aaaaawful. Im thinking of cutting down to 3-3 instead.

Also, Im teching a Glaceon and its been awesome. It has been really good at batting clean up after spreading a bunch of damage, and being able to double shuriken for 90, then retreat into Glaceon lets you essentially OHKO any beefy Exs they have active. Or even Lysandre into.


That said they could also set up faster and win because of it?


Ok, so they play their shaymins, and set up, and then take one prize from frogadier.

Then you go nuts and kill the Shaymin in the process.

The only deck you would want silent lab against is mega ray, but they run multiple stadiums and I’m not sure how popular it is. Same goes for Vespiplume.


A couple of games with this deck.

Man, Greninja BKP is so clutch in the mirror


I still like using ace trainer in the list along with n. The biggest problem with this deck to me is the mirror is so unfun (deck out) that I will not bring it to nats.


Here is my Korean Nationals winning deck.

4 Froakie BKP
4 Frogadier BKP
3 Greninja BKP
1 Greninja XY
3 Greninja BREAK
2 Remoraid BKT 32
2 Octillery BKT
2 Jirachi XY67

2 Float Stone
4 Dive Ball
3 Level Ball
1 Town Map
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Super Rod
1 Sacred Ash
1 Professor’s Letter
4 VS Seeker

3 Professor Sycamore
3 N
3 Skyla
1 Lysandre
1 Fisherman

3 Rough Seas

7 Basic Water Energy

First of all, I’m Korean and I’m poor at English :frowning: Sorry for my poor English.

This list can seem weird(No mail, no Wally, 3 Skyla), but I think it is really consistent.

Some card explanations :

2-2 Octillery : I think Octillery is necessary for consistency, so I run 2-2.

3 Skyla : Most people just run 3-4 mails and no Skyla, but I think she is very good supporter for this deck, especially ealry game. T2 Water Duplicates is so important for this deck, and she can make consistent T2 Water Duplicates by searching for ball or letter. If you already prepare for T2 Water Duplicates, you just search for Sycamore/N for next turn.

It is also good after using Water Duplicates. Sometimes you want to find specific card with no risk, just use Skyla rather than Sycamore/N.

0 Wally : Of course T1 Water Duplicate (If you going second) and T3 BREAK is really powerful, but these plays need luck and you cannot make these plays consistently, even with 3 or 4 Wally. I think consistency is more important than some luck-based play, so I run no Wally.

3 Rough Seas : 2 is totally fine, but in Korean meta, many people use Trevenant BREAK so I run 3. Of course Trevenant matchup is still horrible, but with 3 Rough Seas and a minor miracle, you could win this matchup. If you run 2 Rough seas, you need a huge miracle.

Fortunately, I met no Trevenant BREAK during Korean Nationals.

I do not recommend running no stadium, because Parallel City’s bench-reducing effect is disastrous for this deck.

7 Basic Water Energy : Because I run 1 letter, so I think 7 is enough.


한국에 공부 하러 갈 거예요! How is the Pokemon scene in 서울? Also congratulations!


Thanks for your congratulations. Well, Pokemon scene in Seoul isn’t so big… but Seoul is the best city for playing PTCG in Korea.


I think if you read through this forum often you will find that your English is better than most of us Canadians/Americans.


Really like the Korea list. How would you update for new Standard?


Look in the new standard one.


by taking out the illegal cards