Greninja BREAK Variants XY-on (2016)


Manaphy sounds good, but bench space is an issue.


Bench space may be cramped, but if you were to utilize Manaphy-EX and Lapras, you wouldn’t need Shaymin-EX as much (increased consistency from Lapras).


@Bkeldeo, sorta wrong, wrong and wrong.

@Mamacrow, Raticate BREAK is honestly not playable. We have seen it in the past. It isn’t that great. Greninja seems reasonable enough to the point where it isn’t a gimmick.

The uncategorized thread is for decks that are more gimmicky than competitive. Raticate fits in there. So would decks like Durant BKP and Shedinja. Greninja needs figuring out, but its potential is high.

We also used to have a bunch of threads for random decks but one thread for all random decks is so much more easier.


No your wrong; 6P IS a dilly-dally website. It’s post to be a place you can explore ideas, not only talk about winning decks. I go on here because no one else i know plays the game competitively and im trying to learn how. if you telling me that 6P isn’t ment to explore ideas and be part of a community then how do you call this a forum?


yah your right i agree. i guess im just going to keep editing my raticate deck till i find something that works! ^^

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You’re both wrong, really.

The uncategorized thread is intended to be the place for speculative discussion like Raticate.

Personally? Raticate might not be bad at all. But the community as a whole has a sentiment that Greninja is pretty darn good.


thats how i feel too. and im going to keep tying until i find a way to make raticate playable


couldnt you run remoriad and octillery in this instead of 2 shaymin?


I actually added 2 slowpoke, and 1 slowking+trickcoin for a little disruption i must admit it works well ^^


I repeat, and I see this mistake a lot; Trick Coin does NOT work on abilities. Only on attacks.


Remoraid rakes up more space and I feel like I would need more switching cards if I do. It’s not bad but I just prefer the more immediate draw to 6 to increase my chances to Wally.


Most of the time I just don’t play either and opt for a judge. The extra hand disruption makes up for not drawing as many cards.


i used to play a evolution line blastoise deck until it was deemed unplayable. this might be like that… i would use archies and go with that instead… would that work?


I’ve been testing this deck and for now my list looks like this:
Pokemon :
3 Froakie (BP)
4 Frogadier (BP)
2 Greninja (BP)
2 Greninja (XY)
3 Greninja Break
2-2 Octillery

3 Professor Sycamore
2 Wally
1 Professor Birch
1 Fisherman
1 Lysandre
1 Xerosic
1 Skyla

4 VS Seeker
4 Dive ball
2 Trainers Mail
2 Battle Compressor
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Evosoda
1 Professors Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Sacred Ash
1 Max Potion
1 Town Map
2 Float Stone
2 Muscle Band

1 Splash energy
7 Basic Water energy

Some card explanations for why they were included:

3 Froakie:
I play 3 because 4 often gets clunky and you’ll never really need all 4 Froakies. 2 is too little as you want to have a good chance of starting with Froakie to attack with Frogadier as soon as possible.

2 Wally:
Wally may not be a card everyone prefers to play but it is really good in this deck. I think I recall someone saying that it’s horrible for Greninja to go second. I think the contrary. Personally I prefer to go second with Greninja and that’s largely because of Wally. Using a combination of Battle Compressor, VS Seeker, energy Retrieval, Letter, Trainers mail and Wally it’s not uncommon that I can get Frogadier out T1 and manage to setup my other Frogadiers.

1 Fisherman: Fisherman is a card that should be played in basically all Greninja BREAK decks. Most people play 2 though. I play only 1 as it can easily be recycled with VS Seeker and you can use Energy Retrieval instead of wasting your supporter of the turn on a Fisherman.

1 Xerosic: Pretty important to counter Garbador and help against the Seismitoad matchup. Nothing really new here.

4 Dive Balls: I max out my Dive Balls to 4 simply because my whole Pokémon line up is all water. Nothing really to elaborate on.

2 Trainers Mail: Just a good card to increase consistency and help get the crucial search cards to get out whatever you need.

2 Battle Compressor: Used for the classic Supporter, Compressor, VS Seeker combo. Also used to get water energy in the discard. Overall very helpful especially on turn 1.

1 Sacred Ash: Important to recycle your Greninja lines and very important if you are forced to discard important Pokémon early on.

1 Max Potion: Very good card. Your basically at most going to be discarding one energy for a full heal up which is extremely useful especially when you consider the fact your BREAKs have 170 HP.

1 Town Map: Very often you will prize some very important cards, especially those Frogadiers and knowing exactly what each prize card is is very important for this deck. Practically a necessity in Greninja decks.

7 Basic Water and 1 Splash: I feel like 8 total energy is more than enough for this deck. You may also want to play 7 or maybe 9 but 8 is the perfect number for me. Only 1 Splash because it is very useful to recycle Greninja lines but cannot be recycled, cannot be used for Water Shuriken and can easily be discarded by Enhanced Hammers. You should probably not be running more than a maximum of 2 Splash Energy.

That’s my build of Greninja BREAK. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope this helped you to understand how to play Greninja a bit better or has given you some ideas to improve your own version of Greninja.


so I’ve been play testing this on ptcgo. I love decks that snipe or mill. my only problem with this deck is :

  1. no basics, i played 10 games and 6 of those games i had no basics 3 times in a row.
    2.i also don’t know how i feel about octillery over shay, but it works.
  2. i think the deck needs one more attacker that can deal massive damage if needed maybe a mewtwo xball or something. i just fear this deck if its going meta needs a bit more tweaking.


Miltank might suit your needs if you want another attacker. Still a non-EX so prize exchange is still in your favor and he can also deal heavy damage for one energy as long as you have a Greninja on your bench.


For the record miltank does not get the boost on powerful friends if you only have a greninja break up , you need a plain greninja to get the boost


I was playing with a list very similar to those presented here and my opponent played down Parallel Stadium to restrict my bench to 3. This of course made the rest of the game quite tricky as my bench consisted of 2 Shaymin EX and a Greninja. Is it worth trying to squeeze in a copy or two of a counter stadium or Paint Roller? Or is Parallel City not likely to see much play and I just shouldn’t worry about it?


Don’t run paint roller. Totally not worth it.
You could run a rough seas though.
Would allow you to heal if you needed to.
2 should be enough.


Rough Seas is a worthwhile play.