Greninja BREAK Variants XY-on (2016)


As you all know (or may not if you are brand new) BREAKpoint has been released with some powerful new cards. Amongst them is a powerful new BREAK Pokémon, Greninja.
I believe the BREAK’s ability combined with the XY and BKP Greninja is a force to be reckoned with.
This is the list I have been playing with so far. It is far from perfect but it has been working for me for the most part.

Pokemon: 18
4 Froakie BKP
4 Frogadier BKP
2 Greninja BKP
2 Greninja XY
3 Greninja Break BKP
2 Shaymin EX ROS
1 Jirachi XY67

Trainers: 33
4 Professor Sycamore
3 Shauna
1 Judge
2 Lysandre
3 Wally
1 Fisherman
1 Giovanni’s Scheme

2 Rough Seas

4 Vs Seeker
3 Ultra Ball
2 Dive Ball
2 Float Stone
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Sacres Ash
2 Rare Candy

Energy: 10
7 Water
3 Splash

The idea is to get out a couple Froakie. Evolve 1 to Frogadier and use Water Duplicates and get 1-3 Frogadiers out. Finally you evolve them to Greninjas followed soon after by BREAKs and make it rain on your opponents pokemon.
Your preferred attacker is the new Greninja from the set. For a single water you can either hit them for 40 and lock their abilities (Shadow Stitching) or use its second attack that does 60 and increase the damage by 20 by returning a water energy attached to Greninja to your hand (Moonlight Slash). This Greninja also has free retreat so you can switch to another Greninja. This is really important for chaining Giant Water Shurikens.
As I’ve seen online, our lists will differ due to preference but there are a few cards I feel are needed in this deck.
Fisherman: Easily one of the best cards in this deck. This card has singlehandedly won me games just because you can drop so much damage on your opponents board.
Wally: I know this seems like a strange inclusion but this really speeds the deck up. Not going first is really bad for this deck (and even worse in the mirror) but a Wally going second can help you keep up by getting a first turn with a few Frogadiers out.
Splash Energy: this is probably an obvious inclusion but this allows you to keep streaming your BREAKs because pokemon are returned to your hand when they are KOed by an attack.
It is essentially a stage 3 deck but it can keep up with the decks that are out today. It’s lots of fun to play. What cards are you playing it with?


-2 float stone -2 wally +2 rare candy +1 ultra ball


You aren’t supposed to run rare candy. Froagadier is such a much better way to set up multiple Greninjas.


Why not drop frogadier and run 4 candy? I probably don’t know what I’m talking about but it seems after 4 turns your opponent could take a lot of knockouts.


Not sure how I feel about the Shaunas and rare candy usage in the list. I want to see trainers mail to make t1 Wally more consistent. I also am curious if there is room for buddy buddy rescue.


Float stones are a must. One, it’s the only switching card in the deck. Two, the XY Greninjas have 1 retreat cost. Mind you it isn’t much but when you want to attack with the BKP one and you want to get 2 GWS’s off having a float stones on the XY Greninjas helps.
Wally is understandably not that great to some people and to each there own though rare candy is not something I would want to replace them with with this build since I am going for getting multiple Frogadiers out as soon as possible. The rare candies are admittedly useful at times for when you have a Greninja in hand and have a Froakie on the bench which is why there are two in the list.
Finally, I would rather add anot her dive ball since 80%+ of the deck is water and resources are precious at times.


You can run a more traditional list with 4 candies but with the Trevenant BREAK getting so much hype I would be weary of running so many items as is. Toad can still be an issue even with the current build as well…


Shauna is preference. I don’t like Birch’s due to flipping tails a lot. I know the argument but I like losing with a consistent 5 rather than occasionally getting lucky by drawing 7. Rare Candy is not 100 percent necessary but it does have its uses. I would just play one but I never drew into it when I needed it during games. 2 seems fine for now.
I originally had 4 Trainer’s Mail but eventually decided to drop them for things that are in the list now.
Buddy-Buddy would be a really awesome inclusion! This list is tight though so I will play around with it.


I agree with Smashandslash. YOu only need 2 Froakie because Frogedier can get more frogediers out without the need for froakie.


I thought I was the only one! Now you can join me in the “Statistically inferior supporter” club!!!


I personally play both in similar counts, sometimes I go one way, sometimes the other.

The curious thing, however, is that the human brain perceives risks as being greater than rewards.
This means that when given the option between a consistent 5 cards or a 50/50 split between losing a card and gaining two cards people will tend to gravitate towards the more consistent option.

While this does mean that Birch is technically better than Shauna, more people would prefer to play Shauna.


If only Shaunas generations print was a full art.


Everybody here and everyone else plays birch.
No one plays Shauna over birch excel for me and possibly a few others


A lot of people also stopped playing birch. 4 sycamore 1 judge


You still need to hit Froakies in the first place. 3 at minimum.


Agreed. The only reason I have 4 right now is because I always seemed to start Shaymin-EX with three. It could just be me being terribly unlucky.


Not to mention bench space can be a HUGE issue.


Im really not sure how sixprizes even works anymore. I make a raticate BREAK variants page, and it get moved to some misc. deck section. this doesn’t? i dont get it :confused: idc really, i would just like to know why sixprizes is so decisive.

  1. Because Raticate BREAK is unplayable atm, and this is not.
  2. Because 6P is not some dilly-dally Pokemon Website where we can all spam unplayable decks.
  3. Because new players want to know what is winning atm.

Placetne Tibi? (Latin for does it please you)


Would it be worth utilizing Lapras BKP and/or Manaphy-EX?