Greninja BREAK Variants // PRC-on

With Garbodor looking really strong in the upcoming format, I think this deck will take a large hit being unable to utilise one of it’s biggest advantages in the form of Giant Water Shuriken.
However, I reckon it can stand up to some of the other decks in the format, especially Volcanion variants.
The list is still rough, but here’s what I got down for mine so far.

Pokémon (18)

4 Talonflame
3-4-4-3 Greninja BREAK

T/S/S (32)

3 Professor Scyamore
3 N
1 Ace Trainer
1 Lysandre
1 Fisherman
1 Pokémon Ranger

4 Dive Ball
2 Ultra Ball
2 Super Rod
1 Energy Retrieval
4 VS Seeker
2 Max Potion
4 Bursting Balloon

3 Rough Seas

Energy (10)

2 Splash Energy
8 Water Energy

There’s a bunch of ways to go about Pokémon lines here. You can run Talonflame for fast starts and an amazing opening attack if you go second or you can run Octillery and/or Shaymin for more mid/late-game oriented draw.
I prefer the Talonflame method as you will always start with something that won’t need to pay Energy to retreat to use Water Duplicates. Shaymin also gives up two prizes upon being KO’d and forcing your opponent to take 6 KO’s is a very important strength of the deck that really gives it a shot at winning a lot of games.

There are some other tech choices here like Max Potion which I think will be very strong versus decks that cannot one-shot you. This is also effective as Greninja runs off 1 Energy and sometimes will have none on him if you return it with Moonlight Slash. Running Energy Retrieval and/or Fisherman also helps with retrieving any discarded Energy.

Apart from Bursting Balloon, Greninja can’t really use much, though it definitely helps move some KO’s a turn ahead; a Bursting Balloon proc with 2 GWSs can OHKO a regular 180HP EX.
I do however think that if Sceptile becomes very popular in your area or just in general, Weakness Policy could be an interesting card to include given the lack of Tool removal in the format.

I personally think this deck will sit around Tier 2.5, but it’s certainly way too early to make any solid statement on how it will perform. What do you guys think of the list? And more importantly the decks options in the new format and how it can deal with some of the faster and harder hitting decks?

You need 2 lysandre to stand a chance against garb


What about jirachi? Its still quite relavant in the PRC-ON format

What’s using special energy that makes it worth playing two more basics? Talon flame start is so strong.

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Having the splash is for the breaks. When they’re knocked out, it helps you stream breaks more consistently and faster. Very useful

I’m still new to this, but how does Greninja’s Shadow Stitching impact an opponent’s use of Garbodor’s Ability lock? Does it turn it off for a turn such that you could use Giant Water Shuriken? Otherwise, if you’re teching to play against a Garbodor deck, do you run more than one copy of Hex Maniac?

Shadow stitching doesn’t affect your abilities, but your opponent’s, and only on their turn. If they have garbodor, then using shadow stitching won’t have an effect unless they get rid of garbodor it’s tool. Same for hex maniac.

Ah. I see. So without Startling Megaphone or Xerosic, Greninja BREAK simply won’t be a good deck against decks running Garbodor.

This is Prc on xerosic and megaphone are not leagal

JCSteel66 said without startling megaphone and xerosic.

To elaborate further, he was referring specifically to the fact that those decks will not have access to Startling Megaphone or Xerosic, and saying in turn that Greninja is going to have an exceedingly negative matchup versus Garbodor-using decks.


Ninja can still win against a lot of garb focused decks. Depends on how the list is built.

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Greninja is now one of if not the hype deck for Florida and Fort Wayne Regionals, because it took 1st, Top 4, and Top 8 at Arizona Regionals last weekend. And that was expanded!

I don’t think you understand the difference in decks between the standard and expanded format.

Garbodor destroys Greninja

Mega Ray does too.

I don’t see why people are hyping Greninja in one format because it did well in the other.


While its a different format it is still very strong

Sorry, didn’t think of that. Might be me being bias.

It isn’t bias, it’s a misunderstanding of decks between formats.


Thought this was expanded for some unknown reason.

Why not 4 splash energies ?

You cannot use gws with it