Granbull/Eeveelutions Tier -4


I ran out of budget decks to do, so I had to do this one.It’s good against like 4 matchups.
2 Mew FCO
4 Snubbull BKT
4 Granbull SM
3 Eevee AOR
1 Jolteon AOR
1 Flareon AOR
1 Vaporeon AOR
2 Shaymin-EX ROS
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
2 Fairy Garden
1 Parallel City
4 Bursting Balloon
4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
4 Trainer’s Mail
1 Super Rod
2 Special Charge
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

The reason I’m posting so many Deck List is in retaliation against “Where did all the good deck threads go?” They may not be tier 1, but they are usable decks.Why would I give you decks that everyone knows about and uses?


It sounds like a fun deck! Maybe Magma’s secret base? Or are the other stadiums needed more than I realize?


Why magma we have rainbows to do that. I love the granbull decks they are fun to play with especially when you beat a tier 1 deck. The eeveeloutions is perfect for this deck too jolteon for m ray and yveltal flareon for decidueye plume lurantis and vaporeon is perfect for vulcanion. [quote=“OrangeMango, post:1, topic:10523”]
The reason I’m posting so many Deck List is in retaliation against “Where did all the good deck threads go?”


Nice job that thread was actually created to stop me from posting non tier 1 decks or ideas such as pallossand or pyumyuku or a few others like vikavolt.

Some fun budget decks are
a)talonflame break
c)magmas gyrados
thanks for posting this fun deck list


@kpiplup uncategorized thread?


Thanks for pointing that out, never even noticed it.


What’s mew for? Your attackers are evolutions.


Actually, you were kind of posting random threads on every other card from the new set without any sort of decklist and just 1 or 2 combo ideas and some morale.

And more importantly, why is dugtrio.dek not on that list?!?


I agree the lopunny pic guy was just posting a bunch of stuff about SM cards


I’m just wondering, how in the world is this deck tier 4 when no one ever thought of it until now?


Because some people just like to think that their “rogues” actually have a place in the meta.


All top decks have to start somewhere…


That doesn’t mean automatically put it at tier 4, it has to do well at tournaments to be on a tier list


Hey, you guys fell for my April Fools prank! If you look closely, you can see it is not 4, but is a NEGATIVE four!Of course I know I can’t rank untested decks, and I needed to make the title longer.So I put the deck in the negatives.Thanks for not knowing basic math.

And the mew…
I’m so caught up in Legacy I forgot it can only copy basics, unlike Mew-EX.So throw Mew-EX in there, or don’t.I always mess up when it comes into Standard and they changed the text of some old cards.


Well, if it is a deck with a linear form of game play, has the basic workings of a deck, and can play a fun game, is it a prank? Now Wailord, that is a prank.


I wasn’t talking about the deck, I was talking about the title.


That was the next best April Fools joke since my mom said my dog died or when kids in my class put ketchup packets under the toilet seats.


it was an awful prank


i have recently seen a lot of granbul on tcgo recently


I haven’t!!!


Wait, there’s actually a meta on PTCGO? :open_mouth: