Gourgeist XY Variants // BCR-on

Swarm Gourgeist and set up Dusknoir in the background. Use Eerie voice as many times as possible and then use Sinister Hand to move all that damage and take multiple KO’s at once. If needed, use Spirit Scream along with a Hypnotoxic Laser to take a quick KO.

Sigilyph is to survive set-up against aggressive decks.

16 Pokemon:
4 Pumpkaboo XY
4 Gourgeist XY
1 Sigilyph LTR
1 Mr. Mime PLF
2 Duskull FLF
2 Dusclops FLF
2 Dusknoir PLB

35 Trainers:
3 Professor Juniper/Sycamore
2 Pokemon Fan Club
2 Colress
4 Skyla
4 N
1 Lysandre
1 Pal Pad

3 Ultra Ball
1 Evosoda
1 Sacred Ash
2 Startling Megaphone
1 Rare Candy
1 Float Stone
2 Switch
1 Professor’s Letter
4 Hypnotoxic Laser

1 Virbank City Gym

ACE SPEC: Dowsing Machine

9 Energy:
9 Psychic

Thoughts, criticism, and ideas would all be appreciated.

Definitely running this at an LC sometime this October.

On a more constructive note, I feel like the 2 Shauna are unnecessary. I’d replace them with 1 Syacmore (deck seems like it needs more aggressive draw) and 1 Max Potion to punish decks that cannot OHKO Gourgeist.

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looks good. i would try to squeeze in a 3rd duskull, a float stone, mr mime, and at least 1 virbank. i dont think max potion will see much use. 100 hp is a pretty easy ko for most things.
i would try
-1 max potion
-1 megaphone or sacred ash (dowsing machine should cover you here)
-1 sigilyph

+1 float stone (for dusknoir)
+1 virbank or duskull
+1 mr mime

virbank and lasers, combined with eerie voice can rack up some serious damage. i would also play the 4th juniper over the second fan club
9 energy and a proffessors letter may be one too high. i have been cutting prof letter from my lists due to toad.

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Have you seen the Gourgeist in Phantom Gate?? It looks interesting, maybe as a HP wall?

it would be fun to play this with a few forretress to drop late game if they have a full bench and then shift that damage

Yes I have seen it, but it I would need Grass Energy to activate it’s Ability, and 4 XY Gourgeist is very important to have to keep streaming them.

Been playing with a version of this deck with ChandelureEXs thrown in, took 1-1 of gourgeist out and some other cards, and added 4 Chandelures exs, and also fortified the dusknoir line into 3s.

So far, they’ve been good matches. Definitely winnable against most decks.
Find the weak points in the opponents deck and take them out!

Spirit Scream

4-4 Gourgeist XY
4-2/2 Leafeon PLF/Espeon PLF
1 Sigilyph LTR

3 Professor Juniper
3 Skyla
3 Pokemon Fan Club
2 N
1 Teammates
1 Shadow Triad

3 Virbank City Gym

4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Evosoda
2 Exp. Share
2 VS Seeker
2 Ultra Ball
2 Professor’s Letter
1 Sacred Ash
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Master Ball

8 Psychic Energy
1 Mystery Energy

Deck runs very smooth, I’ve had success against quite a few meta decks. Focusing on Spirit Scream+Laser rather than Eerie Voice. I feel like the Pokemon lineup is very subpar, though, and I can’t find space in my trainer lineup to squeeze in things like: Trump Card, 4th Juniper, Colress, Lysandre, 4th Skyla, Trump Card etc. Earlier versions of the deck with bulkier supporter lineups were extremely clunky. I’m a little stubborn about the trainer list unfortunately, and was hoping someone could convince me to fix some of my card choices and ratios!

Thinking of removing:
3rd Fan Club (need them badly early game, but the clog the hand after the first few turns)
Sigilyph (has not been too helpful, most decks easily play around him, and I don’t have enough energy to attack)
Teammates (too situation for such a slow deck, but its SOO good when it goes off, which is pretty often)
Exp. Share (makes their Megaphones live and isn’t a great card, but really the only “acceleration” i can muster)
Sacred Ash (amazing late game - Trump Card is better but wastes a Supporter, so i’m on the fence)
Mystery Energy (doesn’t synergize but is my only source of Switch)

Thinking of adding:
Metagross PLF (can search Lasers(!!) and Eeveeloutions)
4th Skyla (neeeeeed those Lasers at all times)
Lysandre (Virizion is mean, sucks wasting Spirit Scream on non-EXs)
Trump Card (recycles Lasers+Gourgeists+energy! takes up a Supporter slot, though)
4th Juniper (need draw cards late game badly, but I cannot discard combo pieces early on)

Have you though of using SIlent Lab? It would allow you to KO Grass types even with a Virizion-EX in play. Or would it be too hard to run along with Virbank?

That’s not a bad idea. I’d have to drop Sigilyph, but he wasn’t doing much anyway. Taking out Virbank is rough, but I suppose Lab would be more helpful to my central strategy of Laser+Scream. Hm. Will have to think about that one, thank you sir.

I believe you should specify this as Gourgeist XY Variants. The other Gourgeist has decks built around it after all.

Care to share any lists you might have? I have seen very few Gourgeist PHF decks.

@Rakkis157 has already shared one:

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I don’t think I’ll ever get tried of seeing Squeaky throw his hands up in victory at the end of each video he does! Love it.