Good pairings for Manectric-EX and Mega Manectric?

Lol, the weakness isn’t an issue because the card hasn’t been released, therefore the deck hasn’t had a counter deck to fight against it. Once it is released, then the weakness will be an issue because a counter deck will be created against it. Landy/Raichu is my first thought.

The only problem I think is if you would get the wrong energy at a crucial part of the game when like the opponent would only have 2 prizes left and laser/bank is killing your active and there’s no way to switch yvetol and even worse if you have a heavily damaged field

^Play max potion, e.switch and turbo volt (not in that order).

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Do you think it would be ok to go ahead and make this the Manectric EX thread? For things like Mew EX, Mewtwo EX, Seismitoad EX, Landorous EX, Reshiram, Garbodor, Pyroar, Beartic, Raichu and Eeveeutions as well as all the attachable tool fun cards?

I was thinking: Manectric EX, M Manectric EX Variants // BCR-on

Given the nature of the early portion of the thread, I’d rather see a new thread in the Deck-Standard category. With that said, I’d be willing to move the more recent portion of this thread to a new thread and call that the Manectric thread.

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