Good pairings for Manectric-EX and Mega Manectric?

Hi I was thinking what would other pokemon make Manectric EX/M Manectric a super broken deck except raichu/Mewtwo/beartic any suggestions? :confused:

You could try Yveltal EX it has a great resistance and typing if Gengar gets popular and its damage output is excellent.

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I really like the yvetol idea I’m just puzzled about if there is a good evolution line to deal with speed pyroar that can attack (I just hate pyroar so much lol) but gengar will be so dirty lol

How about manectric ex/mew ex with the stadium that makes psychic pokemon pay one (Colorless?) energy less. Stick a electric energy on mew, t1 120 dmg, looks good in theory, no real tesring though ^.^

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Megas still count as evolved pokemon right? In theory you setup faster then pyroar does and tank for days, if not after you turbo bolt depending lets say you take massive dmg, play the switch max potion Turbo bolt, take a prize, deck is good. Yveltal is a good combo, mew is risky because mewtwo is a thing so good luck.

You could pair it with Aromatisse and go for Rainbow Energy and Max Potion combos, but that’s very hard to draw into consistently if only 4 Rainbow Energy can be run.


In theory you could use prism for expanded

That Aromatisse idea is evil… I’m building it

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Prism doesn’t work on Megas because they are not Basic Pokemon. The big problem with the Aromatisse idea is that Manetric is weak to Fighting, making it an easy KO for a top tier deck. Seismitoad-EX shuts down Max Potion as well.

Dragonite-EX and Mewtwo-EX sound like better partners IMO.

Also with Yveltal you should run Shadow Circle and Rainbow to get rid of weakness.

Good point about the fairy transfer not working on megas that’s a bit annoying but I’ll most Likely play Manectric+mega with beartic and Mewtwo with good old laser/bank as I’m an asshole

I was just curious if there was anything else that’s worth using instead of these but there are few that really work well

The issue with the rainbow engine is that turbo bolt only grabs basic energy which don’t value armoatisse making it a very technical build making things clunky, where as turbo bolt max potion swings synergy in it’s direction (wobbuffet and garbo are still a thing, I would rather not care for either and by pass it with strategy). The reason why I like the dark build versus fairys is darkness circle plus dark energy and jamming net offer a ton of options against fighting that fairies currently blunder at, here is a list I have been testing for the past few days.

(this list is for extended)

3-2 Mmanectric EX
2 yveltal EX
1 sableye
(maybe a buffo, idk)

3 darkness energy
7 electric energy

4 N
2 colress
4 juniper
4 skyla
1 lysnadres last resort
1 dowsing machine
2 max potion
4 e. switch
2 catcher
1 super rod
3 jamming net
4 ultra ball
2 manectric spirit
1 tool retriever
1 startling megaphone
2 dark patch
2 shadow circle
2 profs letter

This deck has a million options, I like dowsing over compu, if you like compu that’s fine but having options after options return are dangerous options.

tries not to say anything*

I think if you will be discarding your energies to get them back with attack, this seems worthless


I like the tool retriever as it’ll be funny switching the spirit link with a muscle band or even the tool that does +30 (forgot its name) but dark patch, sableye and super rod are rotated

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Silver Bangle. And Maybe run it with Malamar-EX and Victini LTR?

Thank you for reminding me of the silver bangle name I can never remember it -_- lol

You’d be surprised at how well both work with eachother, Turbo bolt is the weakest attack your deck offers and is best paired after a ko, if you plan on losing pokemon then add decompression, if you plan on playing board control then control the board, when you have then control there deck (LLR) control there ability to draw into deadly late game options, control board destroy strategy. Your attackers late game deal less dmg to your opponent then you do, you don’t necessarily ohko anything and by shifting there ability to draw late game options you technically level the playing field in your favor.

Manectric EX + Team Flare Tools seems pretty sweet.

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Manectric and Yveltal work well together with the Team Flare Gear. The deck is rather fast and weakness does not hurt that much.