"Good 'Ole Gardevoir, Exploiting Escargo, and Greener Grass" – Looking at Gardevoir-GX/Alolan Ninetales-GX, Magcargo-GX, and Sceptile-GX for the Lost Thunder Standard Format


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Nice article, Travis! I’m definitely going to try some Gardevoir concepts out in Standard. Did you see Robin Shultz’s top16 list from LAIC? He went all in on the stage 2s with Gardy, Swampert, and a promo Solgaleo GX. An interesting contrast to your “item box” approach. I love that there are such a variety of viable directions to take with Gardy.

Same with Magcargo, so many options. Magcargo control is intriguing - what would you do to get draws? Zoroark is obviously proven - any other ideas?