Good decks for beginners!

Was testing some decks and wanted to show you guys some decks that are great for beginners! Here’s the list-

Turbo Darkrai
Reason: Easy to play, viable in both formats.
This deck is pretty easy to play, as you often play whatever is playable in your hand. And it’s really good and consistent. An added bonus, get some expanded staples like Dark Patch and Battle Compressor and some random expanded dark cards and you can play it in expanded.

Reason: Easy to get hands on, really good in the meta.
Yveltal is my favourite deck. It does well, doesn’t have a lot of auto losses, and has strong MUs against Volcanion and Decidueye, two of the most dominant decks in the format. And it’s easy to convert to expanded to play Yveltal/Maxie’s with some staples. And there’s four Yveltal EX cards, so getting your paws on Yveltals will be no problem.

Mega Ray
Reason: Easy to play, almost no format conversion needed.
Ah, Mega Ray. A deck I love, but hate at the same time. It’s fast, powerful, consistent, and you can play almost the same list in standard and expanded. The cons are A) Metagame dependent and B) Super Pricey. If you want to blow your money on one expensive deck all in the beginning, go for it, as this deck will also allow you to play others.

Night March
Reasons: Consistent, fast, easy to acquire main cards
Night March. The meme deck of expanded. So consistent, so fast, and doesn’t need a whole lot of skill to play decently. I love this deck for that. And the staples needed are almost all the staples you’ll need, except archetype exclusive ones. Cons are A) A little pricier than the first two, and B) Meta dependant, and expanded exclusive.

Now, discuss the decks and ones you would take on and off the list!

They look good, but price is a problem for new players. Try something based off of the number of Pokémon of something, such as passmisian (ptcgradio YouTube should have a good list), probably Durant (the old one) or vespiquen, where you just attack, use abilities, and different items.