Good deck to beat Mew EX and Mewtwo EX

I can vouch for that feeling that Shaymin isn’t good. I felt it at first too. But then I got one… And put it in my deck… And then my mind was changed. Those extra cards can really help you get set up
Ba dum psh

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Agreed Shaymin is a really useful card

Not saying Shaymin isn’t useful, I just think the one I already have is more so than the newer one.

I would take out the Roserade line for more electric attackers like Zekrom (with outrage) and Raikou (the newest one), and switching out the Eelektriks you have for the ones from noble victories, which help you get more energy out to keep attacking, and bump the evolution line from a 2-2-1 to like a 3-3-1. You could play a Mewtwo EX of your own (the one with X Ball) to have a counter to his mew and mewtwo. Also take out some cards like potion and energy search for stuff like Professor Sycamore and N. Anything that gives you draw or search power. Ultra Ball is also a very good card.