Good deck to beat Mew EX and Mewtwo EX

Hey guys, so my husband has recently started playing and he is dominating… My two old Eevelution decks couldn’t beat him, so I’m tearing them apart and building another. So far the only two cards that stand a chance up to his Mew EX and Mewtwo EX are Suicune and Leafeon. I’ll list his cards so i can hopefully find some weaknesses… He also stole my good trainers -.-

Pokemon -

x2 Mewtwo EX
x1 Mew EX
x4 Kangaskhan
x3 Ralts
x3 Kirlia
x2 Gardevoir
x1 Gallade

Trainers -
x1 Interviewers questions
x4 Pokemon communication
x2 Professor’s letter
x1 Poke ball
x2 Great ball
x1 Ultra ball
x1 Float stone
x2 Reserved ticket
x2 Energy search
x1 Superior energy retrieval
x1 Caitlin
x1 Misty’s determination
x1 Skyla
x1 Switch
x1 Fisherman
x1 Revive

Energy -
x20 Psychic energy
x1 Holon energy

What is your budget for building a deck?

No budget, just not willing to spend more than $30 - $40 for a single card…

~cough~ shaymin ~cough~

Are you guys looking to make decks for the expanded format? Or unlimited? Because holon energy and interviewer’s questions are both rotated out of expanded.

I would try silent lab to stop mew’s ability.

You should probably play less energy (10-15), play max elixir, switch your pokeballs and great balls for ultra ball, and instead of 5-10 energies, in order of highest priority to put in to lowest, play:
x4 sycamore
x4 vs seeker
x2 N

fighting fury belt would also be a good card to add

That’s her husbands deck that she needs to beat, @Y_Guy3

@marinamonsterr, perhaps you could post your list so that we can see exactly what’s in it? Also,what sets are each of the Pokemon from?

Right now we are playing unlimited format, as most of my cards are nearly ten years old… Minus the two plasma decks I made three years ago and the few boxes I bought the other day. Right now I’m working on a fire/ fighting, fire/ fairy, and grass/ electric. However he took my good trainers, so I’m borrowing trainers between decks, and most of my pokemon aren’t that great… But since you mentioned Shaymin, I’ll list my grass/ electric deck.

Pokemon -
x1 Shaymin EX
x1 Drangonite EX
x1 Lugia EX
x1 Zekrom EX
x2 Eevee
x2 Leafeon
x2 Jolteon
x2 Roselia
x1 Roserade
x2 Tynamo
x2 Eeletrik
x1 Eelektross

Trainers -
x1 Ace spec scoop up cyclone
x1 Fresh water set
x1 Lass’ special
x2 Team plasma grunt
x1 Shawdow triad
x2 Team plasma ball
x2 Pokemon catcher
x1 Mega catcher
x1 Potion
x1 Iris
x1 Energy retrieval
x1 Energy search
x1 Colress machine
x1 Energy recycle system
x1 Professor Rowan
x1 Ultra ball
x2 Life herb
x1 Double full heal
x1 Silver bangle

Energy -
x1 Holon energy
x3 Plasma energy
x7 Leaf energy
x7 Electric energy

Once again, in terms of the Pokemon, maybe you could list what set they are from so we know which cards you are talking about. And as for the Holon Energy, which energy types does it give an effect for?

The Holon provides grass or electric energy. Lugia EX, Eeletrikross, Leafeon, and Jolteon are all Plasma cards. The trainers are decently newer, with the exception of life herb and Professor Rowan… I have no idea how old those are.

Haha tryna beat my makeshift deck? Next up I’ll be working on a standard format mega mewtwo deck :wink:

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Thanks for the suggestions for my deck! I don’t really have many cards of my own yet since I just started, but I’ll be sure to take your suggestions into consideration as I accumulate more!

Wtf you weren’t supposed to see this -.-


Lol busted. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Which shaymin ex r u talking about? I am pretty sure everyone is talking about the roaring skies one, the legendary tresearures one isn’t that good

There is also a GEN one thats never been heard of.

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Shaymin EX with synthesis and revenge blast.

“Many cards of [your] own…” Yeah because you stole mine! :rage:

That’s the legendary treasures one (aka the bad one) the shaymin ex from roaring skies, is played in nearly every deck, as when you put it from your hand to your bench, you draw cards until you have 6 in your hand

Idk man, set up is useful, but skies return isn’t much of an attack… Helpful if I need to retreat with zero cost… Even then I can only use set up once, versus synthesis will provide energy continuously. Revenge blast is a great attack, especially once my husband has taken down several of my Pokemon.

You don’t attack with Shaymin first of all, and second, just can see how good it is, you should go to, and look at regional winner decks, and see how many shaymin-ex ros they have.