Golurk AOR 35 Variants // XY-on 2016

So, this is Golurk. He may not seem like much at first, but being the gimmick player that I am, I decided to make a deck around him.

Pokemon - 17

4x Golett (any)
4x Golurk AOR (AT)
3x Eevee FUF
2x Flareon AOR
1x Jolteon AOR
2x Landorus FUF
1x Hawlucha FUF

Trainers - 32 (13/16/3)

4x Professor Sycamore
4x Shauna
3x Blacksmith
1x Lysandre
1x Teammates

4x Ultra Ball
4x VS Seeker
1x Battle Compressor
1x Switch
1x Sacred Ash
3x Muscle Band
2x Focus Sash

3x Fighting Stadium

Energy - 11

7x Fire Energy
4x Strong Energy

The general strategy is to use Golurk as your primary attacker. Thanks to his Ability, Golurk can use Fighting boosters, so a Strong Energy/Muscle Band/Fighting Stadium combo can make Superpower do 180 damage. Obviously, 4 Energy is a bit demanding, so Flareon is here to allow access to Blacksmith, which is easy to use because Golurk runs on Colorless Energy. Golurk can also work as a Type Advantage attacker because he’s a mix of Psychic and Fighting, and he can also cover Fire and Lightning Weaknesses with the use of Flareon and Jolteon. I use Landorus as a secondary option for Energy recovery when Blacksmith isn’t available & Hawlucha is a good pressure attacker against slower EX’s.

Any thoughts?

What’s the ruling with strong energy on golurk? It’s also a psychic type so would it be discarded?

I think because its a Fighting type also (as long as the ability is active) it could use Strong Energy. That said, it would seem that the only things that might make Golurk discard Strong Energy (outside of the obvious hammers, flare grunts, sylveon) would be playing Hex Maniac because it would make the ability null for the turn and then default to being its card type or Garb which would do the same thing as long as Garbotoxin is active. I would like to hear the ruling on that though. Interesting card!


Strong Energy can be attached to Ancient Golurk, but it will be immediately discarded if Golurk loses Double Type as an Ability. However, it is worth noting that Wobbuffet PHF cannot stop the Ability because Golurk is still partially a Psychic Type.


Also Golurk has Theta stop, so Garbodor doesn’t affect it either. Only hex maniac.


Would it be worth running Double Colorless energy as well?

Sure, I guess it could help. I just have a thing against using 2 different Types of Special Energy in a deck, and Strong Energy is too important to cut.

thanks for pointing that out!

even if golurk was not physic to begin with it has theta stop

I was intending to use Dimension Valley as my stadium and run DCE to get Golurk powered up for attack faster but I have to admit I rather like your Fighting/Fire set-up. I’ll have to test it out.


Need moar DCE. Its a 4 cost attack. I don’t want to wait till turn 4 to attack.

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…which is why I play Blacksmith. I’m guessing you didn’t see that, since you mentioned I would be waiting until T4 to attack.


In order to use blacksmith to do this you need.

  1. Cards in order to ditch the energy into the discard. Ultra ball and the single battle compressor.
  2. The supporter card for turn, blacksmith of which you only have three.
  3. the two energy in hand to be ditched and then later retrieved.
  4. Flareon to be in play

So I’m just asking if there is an alternative reason to having the fire energy other than acceleration?

So at least 5 cards must be used including a supporter. Rather than just 1 DCE. Are you planing on making flareon an attacker of some sort? Is it really necessary to have 7 fire energy rather than just 3 or 4 ? It seems a lot of effort to get the energy attached when you could just use DCE.

And +1 to the dimension valley idea. Though this means that you can’t use fighting stadium so I understand why you wouldn’t want to. But having extra stadiums to help win stadium battles helps. Nothing wrong with running both.

Reasons for using the Blacksmith method over Double Colorless:

  1. Flareon provides an additional Type, which is helpful against the Metal and Grass metagame.
  2. If a Double Colorless is removed, it’s gone forever (unless you play Bunnelby). If a Fire Energy is removed, it can be recovered later with Blacksmith.
  3. Going the DCE route guarantess an auto-loss against anything playing Enhanced Hammers, Expanded Froslass, and Aegislash-EX.

I have considered using Bronzong PHF as well for Energy acceleration since it isn’t a Supporter and going this route allows you to use other attackers like Heatran PHF, but I think that Eeveelutions can help cover extra Types, which is why I chose Flareon. There are just as many reasons to play Blacksmith as there are to play DCE.

I didn’t say loose the eveelutions. That is a good idea. Hit for massive damage and weakness against most decks? great. IF you are in a place where there are a lot of hammers then I guess I can understand it. I haven’t seen the new meta yet and maybe it will be crawling with them. However I don’t think hammers will merit such an around about way of trying to get the energy.

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Don’t worry, I know you didn’t mean that. I was just pointing out the utility they provide.

Gotcha. It is my official prediction that if the Mega Sceptile decks get good we will see a lot of 1-1 or 2-2 techs of Flareon.

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I am also testing Bronzong, Eeveelutions, and a Stage one attacker as a deck type. The trick is getting that many Stage one’s set up of course. Even with level ball being back it is a stretch.

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Guys, something that may or may not be of interest, but when opting to do 40 more damage against the opponent in exchange for 20 done to itself, Golurk actually takes no recoil damage. Assuming it’s still part Fighting type, it resists its own recoil.

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i was just looking this, and i saw you mention abous aegislash-Ex, but you forgot that the ability form him doest work on golurk, so he still can hit and kill