Golduck BCR 35 Variants // BCR-on

i feel like golduck could make a mark on the format, before lysandres last resort makes it a lot harder to pull off.
basic idea is to amnesia lock opponents attacks, forcing them to switch and discard energy until they have none left. combine with garbodor to get a soft lock going.
golduck will shut down:
virizion ex, genesect ex, dragonite ex
seismitoad ex, pyroar
mewtwo ex, darkrai ex, landorus ex
deoxys ex, thundurus ex, lugia ex
empoleon, miltank, and probably a few more

struggles against:
lucario ex
yveltal ex
u turn decks (donphan)
plasma kyurem, 2 thundurus ex

very rough list -

4-4 golduck (amnesia)
3-2 garbodor (garbotoxin)
3 dedenne

5-9 water
0-4 rainbow (to tool drop lucario ex)

3 juniper
4 N
2 colress
3 pokemon fan club
1 shauna
1 skyla
2 lysandre

2 ultra ball
1 evo soda
2 startling megaphone (remove float stones)
4 lasers
2 virbank/training centre
2 muscle band/hard charm
4 float stone
1 dowsing machine
1sacred ash

this is where i am at right now with it. i am undecided if tanking golduck with hard charm, hammers and training centre is the way to go, or go more agressive with virbank and muscle band. lasers are needed either way to increase damage output, and to get ko’s coming back into your turn.

anyone game to give this a shot? it has been testing much better than i thought it would, and this is only the second draft of the deck. could be a fun league troll deck if nothing else, but i feel people with better deck building skills can make this be somewhat competitive in the right meta.

Looks interesting. It would totally mess with Aromatisse/Kangaskhan M

This card has the same attack as Golduck but is a different type, in case you missed it:

Grass is a better type than Water at the moment, I think.

You could try both golduck and simisage since both use colorless to attack but you probably want to run water because you could use golducks second attack if needed.

i did miss simisage. only other torment pokemon i could think of was infernape. it is pretty close between simisage and golduck. golduck has free retreat which is nice. the second attack is also interesting. golduck does more damage for one less energy, but you have to discard all energy. this makes it hard to sweep when you take control of the game. nothing resists grass either.

I have tried out Golduck in a couple of the previous formats, when we had level ball, and I had at best average results. As you already hinted at, the low HP coupled with the low damage output make Golduck extremely frail. In the times you need it’s 2nd attack for a KO, the loss of 2 energy hurts, especially since you would typically run a little less energy. Energy Retrieval helps out a bit.

If amnesia isn’t effective at slowing down your opponent, you need a solid back up. Maybe you can try a version without garbodor, which would open up room for more attackers like Suicune, Kyurem, or even some Eeveelutions.

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I used to play this deck with simisage at PTCGO with average results. I used to try to poison lock with Dragalge and Hyponotoxic Laser. I had two variations:
I will post the lists here for information:

4-4 Simisage
1 Virizion Ex
2-2 Dragalge
2-2 Abomasnow

3 Crushing Hammer
2 Evosoda
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
1 Sacred Ash
1 Startling Megaphone
2 Switch
3 Ultra Ball

4 N
4 Prof Juniper
2 Team Plasma Grunt
4 Hard Charm
2 Virbank City Gym

11 Grass Energy


Dragalge: Poison Lock with Laser and Torment to not allow the oposing pokemon to attack.
Crushing Hammer and Team Plasma Grunt: Reducing the attack options of Pokemons like Lucario EX, Landorus EX and Yveltal EX
Abomasnow: Tech against fire decks.
Virizion EX: Protecting against special conditions

Newer list:

4-4 Simisage
1 Virizion EX
1 Jirachi EX
2-2 Dragalge

4 Crushing Hammer
2 Evosoda
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
1 Sacred Ash
1 Startling Megaphone
2 Switch
3 Ultra Ball

4 N
3 Prof Juniper
1 Colress
1 Shauna
2 Lysandre
2 Team Plasma Grunt

2 Muscle Band
1 Silver Bangle
2 Virbank City Gym

11 Grass Energy

This list was made with a bigger focus in disruption. Trying to leave the right pokemon active.

Cards Explanation:

Jirachi EX: Grabbing a Team Plasma Grunt or Lysandre when needed.
Muscle Band and Silver Bangle: Raising the damage output and in this way knocking out more easily.
Lysandre: Grabbing item Switched out pokemon back to active position.

I didnt know this Golduck. I will try adding him to see if it ups consistency.

This deck is cool but the lack of damage output leaves a lot of time to your opponent to set up Garbodor, Virizion EX or Keldeo EX.

Please tell what you think of these lists.

I put a quick Golduck deck together on PTCGO as well. It was basically this:

4-4 Golduck
2-2 Garbodor
1 Mewtwo EX (Lucario EX tech)

with some Muscle Band/Silver Bangle and Laserbank.

I’ve only played a few rounds but haven’t had any wins yet. Amnesia is a neat attack but opponents often found a way around it. Even with the soft lock, I was typically hitting for 20 damage on big 180 EXs which wasn’t nearly enough. I feel there is hidden potential here.

Interestingly, I’ve seen opponents pay big retreat costs to get out of Amnesia spam. It was a real joy to see a fully powered mega evolution become useless while being beaten up by a Golduck.

I see @Frd123 posted a poison lock with Dragalge, which sounds like a great idea. Retreats are the best way to get out of the lock, after all.

Overall, Golduck is a fragile target with lackluster damage dealing potential. Abusing Amnesia to get K.Os on EXs is almost impossible. You’d have to use it a few times and then go for a 90 damage K.O with it’s second attack, but there are other cards that can do it much better.

I would suggest to use BCR Dusknoir to try to keep the lock going. But I dont have the card in PTCGO and I think it will become to hard to set up.

I will try my deck switching Simisage for Golduck. Because I think that free retreat maybe better than grass type.

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I think that beartic FFI is a better choice. Igloo Hold can be used for a single DCD

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DCD! The new meta haha


As Frd123 said earlier, we could use a Dusknoir to keep the lock going. With the other suggestions, here’s a quick line I thought of:
Pokemon- 19 (Ouch)
4 Psyduck
4 Golduck
2 Duskull
1 Duskclops
2 Dusknoir
2 Skrelp
2 Drayagle
With Dusknoir, though, there’s 7-9 extra slots including the Rare Candy. However, it could work.

you lose horribly to virizion without garbodor and lasers… would be a pretty fun deck though if virizion wasnt in the meta, or you dont mind the auto loss.
feels like golduck needs a strong disruption partner to complement him. maybe seismitoad EX, perhaps even cloyster from XY. its 1st attack for 2 energy does 30 damage and a coin flip. heads u paralyze the opponent and discard an energy.

Just a question. Can you torment G booster?

The most relevant ruling from the Compendium is as follows:

Q. If my opponent has Celebi-EX with “Time Recall” in play, can I use Golduck’s “Amnesia” attack to prevent the Defending Pokemon from using one of its previous evolution’s attacks?
A. No, you can only use Amnesia on the attacks that are present on the opponent’s card at the time of your attack. (Mar 10, 2005 PUI Rules Team; Boundaries Crossed FAQ; Nov 8, 2012 TPCi Rules Team)

Based on this ruling, G Booster cannot be chosen since it is not present on the Genesect-EX card.

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With Dive ball in Primal clash, I don’t think it is too bad to use golduck. You could try adding in a Primal Kyogre so golduck could stall long enough to set it up. If you get golduck out second turn against virizion, one of the worst matchups for primal kyogre, you could shut it down from using emerald slash. Forcing an opponent to search for switching items insead of setting up could disrupt them enough

I want to experiment with 3-3 Primal Kyogre and a 2-2 golduck line, but however, then this deck’s main focus wouldn’t be golduck anymore. But golduck warrants some new attention with the dive ball consistency.

You also have to remember the toys we received in Phantom Forces: Lysandre’s Last Resort and Silent Lab. Silent Lab makes the V/G matchup a bit more favorable, and Lysandre’s Last Resort can bring our Hypnotoxic Lasers back into play. However, that does mean no more +30 with Bank…

I’m actually trying to use golduck’s counterpart simisage, not as a main attacker, but as an effective seismitoad counter, and just a counter in any occasion someone is one hit from KO. It can work. It needs more testing though.

Too bad megas only have one attack :stuck_out_tongue:

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How so? When you use Torment on them they aren’t able to attack at all next turn (granted Keldeo + Rush In + Float Stone breaks the lock).

I think he was being sarcastic :sweat_smile: